06 October, 2014

Whoops, Forgot the Joy Dare...

     If my head weren't attached... and all that.
     Okay, so the Joy Dare for Saturday was 3 Gifts Reaped.  Reaped?  Doesn't that mean harvested or collected?  Let me run off to Merriam-Webster for a sec.


: to get (something, such as a reward) as a result of something that you have done
: to cut and collect (a plant, crop, etc.) from a field

     Well look at that.  Something I more or less earned for myself, huh?  Or collected from the great outdoors.  Okay.
1.   Wow, this is super tough.




     Okay, well I did reap happiness when I put the effort into getting the kids out of bed and dressed.  It isn't always easy to do that and some days I just don't want to.  But I had been looking forward to the ambulance at Home Depot for a month and it paid off to put that effort in.

2.  Next is the freedom that I felt at knowing where everything in my van is.  Jackets, shoes, blankets, pens, diapers.  No searching for every little thing, if I needed it I knew where it was because I cleaned out the van.  Go, Me!  So I did reap that.

3.  Relief, sure we'll go with that.  Getting desperate, but I did reap a sense of relief when I woke my sister up after Home Depot.  We stopped in to give her one of the EMS trucks and to ask her if something belonged to her boys.  I didn't want to wake her on her morning off, but as it turned out, she had overslept because she is used to her night shift and she was missing a special event that she had planned to go to with the boys.  So I was relieved and also happy that I was helpful and not irritating.

Okay, well that's my Joy Dare for Saturday.
Til later,


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