06 October, 2014

See? I Told Ya!

Baby Bee at Kids Club
     I knew I couldn't keep a consistent diary, but that's fine.  I'm going to attempt to backtrack and make up for the last 3 days.  That puts me at Friday, the 3rd, right?  Friday was the first time we had direct deposit so that I didn't have to wait until my husband got home before shopping.  He might end up regretting that.  So what I did first that morning was make sure that the kids got off to school, then I dropped the Bee off at preschool.  I had to stay a little while, but got out after about 40 minutes, so it could have been worse.  I was going to go shopping in my neighboring town, but on my way out of the school the counselor asked me about paperwork that I hadn't dropped off yet in the bigger town.  So I decided to go shopping there even though it meant less time to shop.
      I went through my sister's town because we don't have a highway through ours.  Her house is right before the highway on-ramp and I usually stop in to see if they need to go in to town to save gas and you know, just to be nice.  I almost didn't that day because I knew that I didn't have much time and I didn't want anyone to feel rushed, but I stopped anyway.  Turns out the alarm clock misfired and a couple kiddos didn't make the bus on time, so it was good that I stopped in.  We got them off to school and went to drop off paperwork and shop.  It turns out that shopping without a bunch of kids in tow is actually not as scary as I thought, it was nice.
     That said, I went over budget.  I couldn't help it, all those things that I could use and no exact number of bills in my pocket.  Too much freedom for such a small girl.  But most of what I got was for the house, so at least there is that.  All the cool cleaning supplies has gotten me back into the rhythm of things, which I totally needed.
     Anyway, later in the day Big One had a soccer game.  Her coach/kids club leader offered to give her a ride.  I was so thankful because I had actually taken the initiative to invite the people who had called me earlier in the week about Punk and their grandson not getting along to kids club.  The thought there was that we could see the two children interact and see exactly who is doing what so that things could be worked on.  I opted out of Big One's game to see if they would come.  I was sorry to miss it.
     Anyway, so I dropped The Big One off early with Coach K at the kids club building so that they could leave and the other minions begged to stay there.  We were an hour and a half early for club, so I got a pizza to fend off the grumpy bugs.  That was pretty much the end of the night.  The people that I had waited for didn't show and Big One's game didn't go so well because players didn't show and they were short-handed.  But the day itself went well.

Okay, on to the Joy challenge for that day.

3 gifts caught, let go, mid-way:
Tough!  Man, these aren't easy some days, especially when you wait so stinking long to do it.  Alright, 1.  Caught.  My husband, not that he's a fish or anything, but he IS a great catch.  Poor guy surprised me with a hot steak bomb sandwich without knowing that I had gotten pizza.  He's always doing such thoughtful things.  I ate it anyways, it was good :)  And the day before, he brought home a lobster from his work's BBQ for me.  He does things for me that don't involve food, I swear.  But those were two very recent examples.  So I am thankful that I "caught" Broofy.

2.  Let Go:  My apprehension.  It kind of goes along with the whole letting my guard down thing.  There is NO WAY that even a month ago I would be hanging out at kids club for an hour and a half before the club started.  A month ago, the only things in my mind were the feelings of awkwardness and constantly wondering how others perceived me.  I also didn't have the patience to deal with all four younger kids in public.  Even if they were well behaved, the smallest misbehavior would have had me frustrated and worried about what people were thinking.  What can I say, I was depressed and depressed people don't think rationally sometimes.

3.  Mid-way:  Well I guess that would be the Punk thing.  Also NO WAY, Stinking Jose would I have ever invited Bus Kid's grandparents anywhere within a mile radius of me even a month ago.  So the fact that I came to meet them half way is a huge step for me and for the whole situation.  I really feel great about the progress I am making.

So those are my joys for Friday.  I'd say have a great day, but you'll hear from me thrice more today while I make up Saturday, Sunday, and then today.  So until then,


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