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21 February, 2011

This is My EVERYTHING Blog, right?

Cause it seems like the "Everything" has been lost in the blog.  So, let's get some of that back.  First, I wanna talk about hobbies.  I happen to be very fickle with my hobbies.  I will do cooking for a month  and even make my own noodles, then the next month, I will eat all frozen foods and concentrate on art or scrapping.  As you can see, even my blog get caught in my fickleness.  This month, I happen to be doing photography.
I love going outside (when the weather is better) and doing shoots with my girls.  I get better every year.  But I also love Photoshop and turning photos into something they are not.  I also love that I can use it to fix photos that don't come out incredibly great due to poor lighting or due to children messing with my camera... a LOT.
Baby bee hasn't had any professional pictures taken yet.  Sad, isn't it?  She has had a clogged tear duct and she just looked awful, so we weren't overly anxious about getting her in to a photographer.  So now that her duct is clearing a little, I decided it was time, and luckily The Christmas Tree Shop had those giant tea cup planters for half the price Walmart did.  So I snatched it up and took a few.  She cried most the time, which is fine.  It just gives me an excuse to try again.  But for now, I think I got some pretty decent shots, more than worth the $10 I spent on the planter!  And yes, that is the price tag... I forgot to rip it off, lol.


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