07 February, 2011

***Birds and Bees and Kids Review***

Are you freaking out about the idea of having the big talk with your kids?  You aren't alone, that's for sure.  What bothers me the most is that my oldest is only 6.  I shouldn't have to talk with her about it, BUT... you know that the kids in school will be filling her head with wrong information if I don't fill it first with useful and correct information.

Like most parents, I am not looking forward to it.  I'm so afraid that her first reaction will be "Yuck!" or even worse, "Is that what you and Daddy did to make me?"  I'm especially freaked since the story of her conception is not one that I particularly feel is appropriate for a young child to hear or one that her Daddy was even involved in, sadly.

But after watching Amy Lang's video from BirdsandBeesandKids.com, I felt a lot more comfortable and I had a game plan.  What I loved best about her video is how she suggests you go about it.  It's much more comforting to imagine lots of very short conversations than one or two long, drawn out and detailed ones.  She gives you some ideas for how to squeeze in little "Public service announcements" about sex into every day life and I love that.  And also, it had me laughing just to think of my child rolling their eyes and chuckling over these little announcements.

I'm really glad I watched the video.  I feel like I have been armed with the tools I need.  And it left room for me to put my morals in, which is great.  I definitely want to instill my morals and values into my children before the school gets a hold of them, because I am sure we will not agree on many points that I definitely believe should be left for parents to discuss.  But I doubt they will leave that stuff out of the sex education class, so I guess it's best if I start now with letting her know what it is, what can happen and what I expect from her.

Have you had a talk with your child yet?  How do you think it went?

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Anonymous said...

I need to have my husband watch that video, he's already blown it a few times with "the talk".


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