06 February, 2011

***Smartknit Kids Seamless Socks Review***

If you live with a child who suffers from a sensory processing disorder as I do, you know how getting them dressed every day can be a real pain (literally).  The Big One has a case of tactile defensiveness and she is getting over it slightly, but for a while there, it seemed like she wouldn't wear anything.  I was desperate, so I reached out to Smartknit to help me.  They were generous enough to send me several pairs of socks in a very pretty purple color.  But like an idiot, I saw 4-6 and figuring that she was a size 6... I asked for those.  I don't know what I was thinking, as she is a size 12 shoe.

However, it didn't stop me from slipping them onto Baby Bee to check them out.  And they are definitely seamless.  And warm.  They are soft to boot.  I absolutely love them and so does Baby Bee.  And we aren't the only ones.  Check out these testimonials:

My daughter battles me every morning when I ask her to put her socks on so we can get her on the kindergarten bus on time--she hates the sock seams and no matter how we arrange the socks/tights on her foot, we can't seem to get it so the seam isn't annoying her. I thought this was very strange until I read other people's comments on this web site. I ordered two pairs of socks and when they arrived, she examined them suspiciously--she did spot a line on the sock, but held her foot out reluctantly anyway. When the sock went on, her face lit up and she said "Hey......we can put these socks on anytime!" We've been doing wash every other day to ensure clean socks, so I am ordering more of these!
Deborah, SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

We were spending over a half hour every morning just trying to get her socks and shoes on---She would scream and cry and move the socks around --take them off -- turn them inside out-- It was a battle every morning until we found these socks (they are wonderful and we only have bad mornings if all of them are dirty) this is why we are getting ready to order 9 more pair!!! It makes life easier for us!
Christina T., SmartKnitKIDS Parent 

Does that sound like you?  It sounds like me.  I'm really sorry that the socks I got didn't fit her because I know she would love them.  But thankfully, things are going better and she is okay with her socks now.  She comes home without socks on each day, but she doesn't fight tooth and nail to get them on in the mornings anymore.  But if she didn't, I would definitely be getting more of these (in the correct size this time).  They really are great.

You can see a line, like a seam, in the sock, but you can't feel one at all.  And they don't have a heel in them like ordinary socks, so if the socks are a little too big, it's no biggie.  Just pull them up higher and you're off.  I would recommend these to any parent  who fights to get their kids dressed in the morning.

Does your child suffer from SPD?  How do you cope?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


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