06 February, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Book Review

   I love a good book that can keep you interested and make you learn something at the same time, and that is exactly what Then Sings My Soul does for me. Robert J. Morgan put together a great compilation of 150 wonderful favorites hymns and Christmas classics. Not only did he put them all in the same place but he dug behind the song and got the story of the ones who wrote these awesome songs and if possible the story of why they were written. What were the times like when this song was written? What was the author going through? What was the authors life like before they wrote a masterpiece? These are just a few questions that are answered for so many of these classics.

   He put partial or whole sheet music in the beginning of each story and then went on to tell about the history. When was it first written, by who etc. He also makes everything really easy to find by categorizing them in sections of seasonal, or style. 

   The book has a great look with torn edges on the pages and an old feel to the book while reading it. With nice thick pages this book was nicely put together. I have learned many things about the songs I already consider favorites and now they are even more special because I know the story behind it. This is a great addition to anyone's bookshelf especially for the lover of Christmas classics! I am very happy I have it in my own.

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


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