06 February, 2011

***Reasons Why You Rock Review***

I admit that I could use a BIG boost in self esteem.  I know that I don't give myself enough credit most of the time and I don't believe in myself as much as I should.  That's why when I saw that Kathy Light was asking for a few people to read her book and tell people what they thought, I was very interested.

This book is called Reasons Why You Rock.  It's more like a journal than a book.  It asks you questions and helps you realize just what it is about you that makes you special and what it is that makes you great.  It helps you realize your achievements and your wins and helps you focus on all the good things about you.

After doing just the first couple sections of the book, I felt better about myself and what I had done so far in my life.  It really opened my eyes and forced me to be honest and say "You know what?  I am pretty good at drawing" or "I got my license, had a baby, went through an adoption and completed a lot of schooling in just one year, I did good."

If you are looking for an eye-opening book or a confidence booster, this is the book for you.  You can find it here

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