21 February, 2011

***IRIS Scrapbook cases Review***

Let me quickly say, that these cases SAVED MY ROOM!!!  I had scrapping stuff in every which place.  I never knew where stuff was when I needed it and It was such a chore to put stuff away that I never wanted to scrap anyway.  When I did, I didn't want to put things in every little bin I had them in, so really, I just left them out and my desk became a mess.  It was depressing and my room quickly followed suit.  I saw these on CSN and just knew that they were for me.

I was a bit nervous that CSN would count the lids as separate pieces and ship out 3 cases, but I got 6!!!  And now all my scrapping supplies are all organized in only 6 cases.  I have one for tools, one for embellishments, one for pre-cut 6x6 and 8x8 pieces of paper, one for scraps, one for foam and things, and one for all of my full sized 12x12 paper and cardstock.  They hold so much stuff that I don't need anything else!  Look at this:
That right there is my ENTIRE scrapping station :)  I was so inspired by my organized desk area, that I also set up 3 bookshelves and bought 18 plastic bins and 5 photo boxes to help organize them.  Now my room is well on it's way to being completely organized.  I couldn't be more thrilled!  These cases ROCK!

The only problem that I had at all was for a little bit, I had a problem shutting one or two of the cases.  It's been resolved, but for a while, they wouldn't close completely on the corners, almost as if the top were warped.  But like I said, it resolved itself somehow cause now they are all closed just fine.

And they lock, did I tell you?  They snap closed in the front, which I love.  Here are some specs for the cases:
These cases are designed to accommodate scrapbooking needs and will hold up to 12" x 12" papers. Perfect for separating projects and making them portable. These cases are also acid-free.

  • Holds 12" x 12" scrapbook paper
  • Acid-free
  • 6 Piece Set
  • Dimensions: 3" H x 14.375" W x 14.625" D

Scrapbook Central Series - Scrapbook Case in Clear - 6 Pieces 3" H x 14.375" W x 14.625" D 1.2 lbs

Long story short, you will NOT be disappointed in these cases.  you should definitely look into them if you are into crafting or need a storage system for something else you are into. 

Do you scrap? 

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


Anonymous said...

That's a nice case :)
I'm following your blog now - Networked blogs from the Mid-week hop.
Your children are sweet!

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