06 September, 2010

Say What?

No school on Labor Day? Apparently not. I think I am the only mom ever to not know this. I must be, because the school was obviously so sure that everyone was aware of this fact that they didn't feel the need to put it in the school calendar.

Seriously, I wouldn't have even known that Labor Day was upon us if there wasn't such a stir about it on Cafemom. So here's a bit of humor for you.

I normally wake at about 6:45am. At that time, I grab an outfit and head to The Big One's room. I wake her up, she goes potty and gets ready and one of her grandparents come grab her on their way to work and wait with her at the end of the driveway until the bus gets there and picks her up.

So this morning, I wake up and the clock says 7:12am. Holy Mackerel! This is bad! The bus is due in just a few minutes. I grab The Big One and rush her into the hallway and shove some clothes on her. I grab her backpack. Then I grab a baggie and fill it with baby carrots and shove it in the cooler pouch on her bag.
Then i pick up my phone to see why the alarm did not go off, only to see that it is in fact only 6:18 in the morning.

At this point, I get it. my husband likes to set the clock WAY ahead either to psyche himself out or to show what time he will get to work if he leaves right then. Either way, it explains the lack of alarm.

So I set my phone and her bag down on the couch and put the kids back to bed. At this point, all kids were awake. The Big One cried because she wanted to go to school. The Punk and the Streaker had a hard time going back out. Baby Bee went down fairly easy.

I finally get them to sleep and barely doze off myself to wake and see that it is ACTUALLY 7:17. No alarm again because I left my phone on the couch in the living room, and I guess the man did not remember to set the clock alarm. It sucks, but WHOA!!!! Practically bus time, and uh... grandparents are gone. This stinks! I am not dressed, nor is the baby! This doubley stinks.

So VERY reluctantly, I have the Big One walk two thirds the way to the bus stop. Just close enough so that I can keep an eye on her, but far enough so that the bus can see her and won't drive off. I hated it. And once the time came for the bus and it hadn't showed yet, I grabbed some flops, a long sweater, and the baby and walked down with her.

We waited and waited. She was out there from ten minutes before the bus should have been there until ten minutes after it should have been there. At this point, I worried that the other children would wake and find the house empty, so I told The Big One that we were headed back home. To this she asked why. I told her "Because apparently, there is no school on Labor Day."

And her response...

"That's what my teacher said."

Thanks kid.


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