07 September, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Today I dropped the Punk off for her first day of school. It went super well.
We found her classroom and stepped inside. She first had to find her cubby hole and put her bag and coat away. Then she had to wash her hands. Both she did very easily. Then she had to find her name
again. It was written on one of many crayons scattered about the table. Each crayon had a piece of Velcro attached to the back. She found hers and stuck it up on the attendance board.
Then she stepped over to an easel with everyone's name on it and wrote her name the best she could. Nearest I can tell, she has 14 classmates.
When that was all done, she grabbed my camera (yes, I let her use my camera), and she snapped a picture of each of her teachers. Then her teacher took one of us.
At that point it was time to leave. She did excellent!!! No tears, no whine, just excitement. I was so proud of her.


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