01 September, 2010

Ahhh, school time again.

I never ever thought that I would be excited for the school year to start. I am just one of those moms that hates to be away from my kids. I hate that someone else is watching my kids and is in charge of their well being for the majority of the day. I hate that my kids have to be stuck with unruly deviants all day and that they may be bullied or influenced by said hooligans. I just hate it.

But alas, with 4 young kids in the house, it is becoming too hard to keep up with the house cleaning. It's just something that I was never terribly great at. And so, I have become one of "those moms". The ones who count down the days until school starts. Not for my sake, but for the sake of my poor house.

Today was The Big One's first day of first grade. FIRST GRADE!!! We didn't wait long for her bus, it came right on time. She was very excited. She made a new friend and the trouble maker from last year is not on the bus this year. I am happy for that! I really think that this year will be a great year for her.

What about you? Do you look forward to the new school year? Do you dread it? Tell me about it.


Crystal said...

Aw, I like the outfit. I will tell you that I was super excited for Atreyu because he belongs in the learning environment...but selfishly I had a hard time not crying on the first and second day. I still can't leave the school till I have someone watching out for him and I know he has eaten...he is so tiny and I worry about him being lost in the crowd somewhere. He's very vulnerable and unknowing to so many things that I am scared his innocence will be robbed from him little by little until that specialness seems gone. But I know he loves it and I will be very involved and volunteering whenever possible. He really wanted to take the bus with all the kids and now he is changing his mind because there is alot of talking and loud noises on the bus and you know as well as I do that he is very sensitive to loudness. Great blog :) Love the look. I'll check in later.

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