30 August, 2010

Holy Hannah!

If you have not tried
Nutella, I wholeheartedly suggest doing so. I had been debating picking it up for a while. I saw it advertised on the television and it did look yummy, but I didn't have the motivation to pick it up. But recently I started a diet and I wanted to eat a little bit healthier. So as I was reaching to get myself some almond butter, I noticed the Nutella right next to it. I admit it, I started to walk away. But it spoke to me and I couldn't ignore it. I walked back down the aisle and grabbed it off the top shelf.

I am sooooo glad I did. This stuff is amazing! It's like melted chocolate... in your SANDWICH! What is not to love there? Plus, you can add it to a graham cracker and top it with another and you have the best chocolate sandwich ever, short of a s'more of course. But you know, I bet you could top the other half with marshmallow fluff and it would be pretty darn close to the real thing.
If you haven't picked yourself up some yet, you need to.
To find out more about Nutella and what it's all about, check them out here. And if you are lucky enough to have this in your cupboard, check out some recipes for it here.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried it and what you think. I wanna know!


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