05 January, 2016

Straight Edge Innovations Faucet Extenders #Review #FaucetExtender

     My kids are short, most of them will always be short.  And that's okay.  Personally, I do wish things (specifically store shelves) were designed with short people in mind.  Like seriously, how awesome would it be to have a step run the whole length of the aisle, so use short people could MAYBE reach the soda... just saying.  Things will always be challenging for us.  Reaching the pedals, kitchen cupboards, bathroom mirrors, all things we struggle with.  And for kids, it's worse.  They can't even reach things like the middle shelf on a bookcase or the TV buttons without help.  Poor little guys.
     One thing in my home though, is about to become a little less harder.  That thing is reaching the water when the faucet is on.  Poor Baby Bee... when she goes to brush her teeth at our sink, she has to come in from the side of the sink and reach for all she's worth to get her brush wet.  I feel for her.  Luckily we have a set of faucet extenders now,  What are they?
     They're cute little creature like pouts that attach to the end of the faucet and propel the water forward so kids can reach the water stream.  It's pretty nifty I think.
     The creature's head and ears are made from silicone, so it's soft and won't hurt your faucet.  It's also grippy, so it won't move much or come loose and fall off.  It's a different color than the spout.
     The spout is made of a harder plastic and helps guide the water to a place further forward, closer to the front of the sink.  This is helpful in lots of situations.
     Obviously if a child can't reach the faucet, they can't reach to turn the sink on, but when you are standing at the sink with them, when siblings are, when another parent is... this has lots of applications.  For instance, Baby Bee and Boogie brush their teeth when I do, so if they can reach the water by themselves, that's a lot less work for me.  No more grabbing their brush and wetting it two or three times each, they can do it themselves now!
     Check out this video of how it works:

     Pretty neat, huh?  I would recommend this extender for anyone with smaller kids.  To learn more, check out Straught Edge Innovations on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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