02 January, 2016

Pack of Six 8 Oz Food Pouches #Review #SportsPouch

     I miss my van.  My van was awesome.  We've had so many adventures in that van... now the motor is gone and I don't know if I'll be getting it back.  Broofy wants me to have his van, but I've told him that I would only have it for a month tops before we all die in some horrific accident.  He'd be all alone, regretting the decision to make me drive it.  I can't drive it... it's like driving on ice, it terrifies me.  I don't think he believes me when I tell him that van will kill us.  I want MY van back.  My van that handles like a dream, has built-in car seats and a DVD player.  My family van...  the one with a working glove box, factory stereo, and stickers on the windows that scare me half to death every time to look over my shoulder to change lanes.  The van with a cigarette outlet, dashboard that tells me which door the kids left ajar, and grey interior with custom denim flooring.  We did everything in it, we lived in it.  I miss my van.
     I miss being able to go places whenever the mood struck.  We went soooo many places last summer.  We went to playground, beaches, parks, tracks, trails, events, and stores.  We went wherever the roads took us.  We had so much fun.  We ate new foods, explored new places, and tried new things.  One of our favorite things was also one that was pretty practical for our on-the-go lifestyle.
     They're these pretty nifty food pouches that really help with taking food with you.  They were pretty essential if we didn't want to pay out the nose for fast food or have sandwiches every day.  There's no worry about who got more than the other, containers tipping over in the car, or the kids not quite shutting the container properly.  We used it to eat mashed potatoes in the van, dress our salads at the beach... we could even fill it with hot soup, provided the soup didn't have large chunks.  They were perfect for yogurt, baked beans, syrup drink mix, you name it.
     These ones by Basics Best are 8 oz. each, which is on the bigger end of things.  It holds enough food to fill babies and toddlers up and to hold over big kids and adults.  It's perfect for my family.  For Boogie and Baby Bee, I can fill a pouch with mashed potatoes, baked beans, oatmeal, or cheesy alphabet noodles.  They can feed themselves, even traditionally messy foods, without making a mess in my van.  It's a great way to know exactly what's in your baby's food and make sure they are eating well or avoiding allergens.
     For the big kids and myself, I can bring along bread, a can of ham patties, and fill a pouch with mayo.  Or maybe bring chips and fill one with nacho cheese and one with chili... whatever will go with what we're having that day.  Or I could just hold us over with whatever the little kids are having, maybe add some bread sticks and chopped veggies to it to make it more filling for all of us.  No knives or other dishes needed, nothing to clean up until you get home!
      To fill the pouches, you open the bottom zip lock area when the cap is on securely.  Then use a funnel, spoon, or pour spout to fill it (leaving enough room to compensate for when it's closed), then zip very carefully and very firmly.  Turn upright over a sink or bowl to be sure it's locked well, then wipe clean and that's it!  You can bring them in a plastic food storage container, in a lunch bag, small cooler or such.
     There's a few cool features worth mentioning.  One is that it has an area on the pouch for you to write what food is in it and when it was made.  Or if you know you're only going to use it that one day, you could write who's it is.
     Another pretty cool feature is that the box comes with a nice recipe on the side.  It's the little things, you know?  This recipe is for Pumpkin Puree.  Yum!  It also has a link to other awesome recipes for you to try and where you can also find ideas for adult food to put in it.  Yes, please!
     These pouches come in several designs, are BPA and PVC free, Phthalate and Lead free, Dishwasher and Freezer safe, and reusable!  Do you have a really busy week coming up?  Maybe a week that you're dreading because you have lots of appointments or a trip to take and you don't know how you'll manage it all?  Make ahead and freeze!  Cold breakfasts like smoothies, chai pudding, applesauce, etc.  Or even warm breakfasts... the night before, thaw them out.  The morning of, just place them in a bowl of very hot water to warm them up while you get dressed.  Breakfast can be had in the car with no need of rushing the kids or cleaning up the table!
     I can honestly see a neverending list of uses for these and they are all helpful to a busy mom like me.  To learn more, check out Basics Best on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, or on their website at BasicsBest.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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