11 January, 2016

A Little Shoutout to Yesterday

     Yesterday wasn't perfect, days in this house rarely are.  It had it's ups and downs for sure.  But it was a good day in general, you know... overall.  So since it's a bit early to do a Joy Dare for today, I will do one for yesterday.  Yesterday's Joy Dare was to find a gift sweet, sour, and just right.  Here goes, folks!

Sweet - My coffee.  I could have found others, but my coffee was much needed yesterday.  Some days I can go most of the day without it, yesterday I couldn't.  I was falling asleep at my computer and chugging coffee in the small moments that I would wake up in hopes that while I nodded back off it might kick in.  It did.  It kept me up, truth be told, but that's okay.  It gave me inspiration for an amazingly wonderful idea that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks.  It was good.  And the dairy didn't even make me sick this time!  Woot!

Sour - Gotta look on the bright side of things for this one.  The only thing that comes to mind when I think of sour is Streaker's attitude.  But that's never a gift, really.  Although, she had none yesterday for the most part, which is a gift.  So I suppose I will go with that.  The lack of temper and sass was much appreciated.  It lead to a wonderful day filled with lots of time together.
Just right - The temperature of the house was just right.  Usually it's too cold and I want to cover up and do nothing all day.  Sometimes my kids blast the space heater, unbeknownst to me, and I get moody without realizing the issue (I don't feel hot, ever.  It could be and has been 80 degrees in the house and I won't notice.  But my mood notices, I get irritable, snappy, and overwhelmed).  But yesterday it was nice.  I felt like I could get out of bed and do things and only once noticed that it was too warm.  For the most part it was peaceful and calm, thanks to the temperature.

     Well there!  Thank you, Joy Dare for helping me start the day out right!  I hope to be back tonight or tomorrow with today's dare.  Hopefully I will remember.  Until then, I'll be getting at least 10 different packages in the mail today, so I will be letting you know how I feel about some pretty neat things.  Next up is a manual coffee grinder from Apex.  I'll see you soon!


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