11 January, 2016

APEX SELECT Manual Coffee Grinder #Review #ApexCoffee

     My sister is a big coffee fan, we both are really.  But she likes to put more effort into her coffees, she's got a more sensitive palette when it comes to that.  With me, as long as it isn't burnt and has some cream and sugar, I'm usually good.  Although, since drinking it more often and getting accustomed to a certain way, it is getting harder for me to appreciate it being made differently.  Maybe it's something that just comes with time.
     A couple years ago my sister was going through her storage and she found her electric coffee grinder and gave it to me.  She had a newer one that she preferred and had no need for it.  I found uses in it beyond coffee and I will continue to use it for things such as spices that have hardened, creating spice blends, making powdered sugar, etc.  But for coffee I find that I can't get quite the right size ground.  I prefer my grounds to be medium sized, not chunky, but not powder as I sometimes get with the electric grinder.
     I know it can be a problem with any electric grinder, so for Christmas I got her a manual coffee grinder to add to her ever growing in-home cafe.  It's from APEX SELECT and it comes with a detachable winder handle.  Check this thing out!
     The handle comes unattached and simply slides onto the nut on top of the grinder and stays in place with it's hexagon shaped hole.  It's pretty brilliant, actually.  It means that this doesn't create an awkward storing issue, simply remove the handle and place in a drawer.  TADA!
     Okay, here are some of it's features:

     First of all, it's manual.  So you can have coffee even if you don't have a free plug.  I know one issue in my kitchen is having enough plugs or plugs that are in convenient spots.  One set of plugs is hard for a shortie like me to reach because it's kind of far back in the corner of the counter area.  The other is right over the stove, so cords need to be long.  The other is behind the fridge.  So as you can imagine, it's kind of like being in the middle of the ocean and dying of thirst.  The manual feature is awesome in this instance.
     This also means that it's great to take camping.  You can enjoy fresh ground coffee even in the wilderness.  Yes, please!

     Secondly, you can control the coarseness of the grounds.  If you like fine, set it to fine, if you like coarse then set it to coarse.  It's that simple.  And to make it even better, the conical burrs that it grinds with are ceramic so they will never rust.  To clean it out, just wash with warm soapy water and rinse.

     When you are done grinding the coffee, the grounds all fall into an attached storage cup and you can see the grounds as they fall in through the window in the side.  I think that's a great feature.  You can fill the grinder and only grind what you need at the time without having to keep checking to see if you have enough.

     This grinder works great and took little time.  The grounds came out nice and made excellent coffee.  I would recommend this grinder to anyone looking for a manual one.  It works on things such as peppercorns and poppy seeds too!
     To learn more, check out APEX SELECT on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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