02 January, 2016

Keeva Organics Argan Oil Shampoo #Review #TeaTreeOilShampoo

     This is me a week or so ago.  My hair was horrible, I had almost given up on it.  In fact, I had asked my husband if I could shave it off.  Every time I turned my head, it seemed like the area at the nape of my neck would snarl right up.  Of course that's the most painful area to brush and every morning my hair was a rat's nest all over again.  If I didn't brush my hair for the day, I'd wake up the next morning with actual mats.  If I did brush, it was painful, took forever, and was for naught.  It was AWFUL.  The worst condition my hair has ever been in in my adult life was what you see in that photo above.  Messy ponies were it for me.  All hope was lost.
     Well, through my job I get to try out some pretty interesting things.  This week I tried out a revitalizing shampoo from Keeva (LOVE them... remember them from before?) with Argan Oil, Coconut oil and Tea Tree Oil.  To be honest, just the word "oil" in a shampoo seemed unnatural to me.  Isn't the point of shampoo to REMOVE oils?  My hair gets oily fast, but I do love coconut oil and tea tree oil... so I gave it a try.
     Oh.  My.  Golly gosh, gee whiz.  This stuff... there's no words that could do it justice.  My hair is silk.  When I woke up the morning after using it, I could brush my fingers through the underside of my hair without a single snag.  Not a single one!  My hair has been completely transformed with just one washing!
     Okay, so it comes out white and lathers only a little.  It feels amazing.  I used it just like regular shampoo, just lather, rinse, condition.  Same old conditioner as always, nothing special.  I have this insanely huge gallon jug and I've been using it for months, so the change definitely came from the shampoo.  After my hair dried and I brushed it, it wasn't puffy, wasn't frizzy, wasn't hard to brush, wasn't dry or stringy, it was just hair.  Beautiful, silk, soft hair.
     What's even better about this shampoo is that it comes in a  big 28.2 oz/ 800ml bottle.  It's a brown bottle to protect the oils, in case you were wondering 'Why brown?'  It has a pump top and you don't need to pump it a million times, just a few.  I find the pump tops to be really helpful.  I hate closing covers with soapy or full hands.
     I just can't say enough about this shampoo.  It's a game changer.  No other shampoo will ever live up to it.  Ever.  Is it the Argan Oil?  The Tea Tree?  The Coconut?  I don't know.  And I almost don't care, so long as Keeva keeps manufacturing it.
     Oh, and it's organic.  To learn more, check out Keeva Organics on Amazon or on their new website.  Also, check out their sister company, Essential Oils Informer.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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