29 September, 2014

The Intent Was There

     The intent is always there.  Sadly, I actually got very little done today.  I did clean about a third of my bedroom.  That's actually slightly impressive given the state of my room.  And I did do laundry, so the day wasn't all in vain.
   The big struggle of the day was getting Punk to enjoy soccer and be a good team player.  She asked me to sign her up for soccer, so quitting isn't an option.  But she sees things differently.  Regardless, she is made to dress up and show up to support her team.  She was told that she will do so all season long.
     Well prayers went out for her today because she has been having a very hard time following through and being a team player.  With the help of a family friend, we tried to turn that around today.  As he suggested, I explained to her that God never gives up on people.  I reminded her that he didn't give up on us, even when his only son died on the cross for us and that things were hard for Jesus.  It was never easy.  I told her that we should follow his example and that we should never give up when others are depending on us.  With that little piece of advice and some well needed prayers, we headed out for practice.
     When we first got there, she gave trouble.  She didn't want to play and she fought me about going over to her team.  When she did get over there, her coach took her to the side and sat with her on the side line.  They talked for a little bit and just like she'd never hesitated at all, she got out and played.  She played hard.  She made me so proud.  Prayers at work.  Good job, Punky!

Great ending to a lazy kind of day.
Goodnight and God Bless,


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