30 January, 2014

Wantable #Makeup Subscription Review

     During a recent visit to my sister's house I got quite the surprise.  We were putting on make-up before heading out and I was using her stash because I had no make-up on me.  I saw a lip gloss that caught my eye.  It was one that looked like a sheer beautiful shimmery color on my sister, but when I tried it on it looked like my lips had turned to tin foil!!!  It looked terrible and I didn't understand why.  We are both Caucasion women with brown hair and fair-ish skin.  Even looking in the mirror showed no significant difference in her coloring and mine.  So why did it look great on her and not on me?
My sister and I, isn't she beautiful? 
     When I saw how ridiculous I looked, I laughed until I cried, true story.  I decided then that I must stay away from anything metallic looking at all costs because it really is not for me.  I also realized that although we are both blue eyed, brown haired, light skinned women, we pull off totally different color sets.  While darks and purples look great on her, I look pretty tragic in purples and favor brighter greens, browns, and whites.  It must be that the undertone to my skin is a bit more rosy, though it is hardly noticeable in person.
     When my sister received a Wantable box in the mail, I was intrigued.  It's a subscription service for makeup, accessories, or intimates that gets delivered right to your mailbox.  It is customized to you based on your preferences and what you know to look best on you.  Well, I now knew a bit better about what to avoid, so I asked the terrific people at Wantable if I could try it out for one month to share my thoughts and they were so generous to allow me to do just that.
     When I went to go pick out my box, I was surprised by the thoroughness of their questionnaire.  They really wanted to make sure that I received make-up that I would use.  From whether I like sheer nail polish to if I care for matte eye shadows.  Each question had an option to select dislike, love, or neither.  I told Wantable that I disliked blush and dark colors, along with bright red lipsticks.  I told them that I loved foundation and eyeliner, as well as mascara.  When all was said and done, I was pretty confident that they would know just what I like.
     The box didn't take too long to arrive and when I opened it, the very first thing I noticed was this cool quote.  It made me smile :)
     I checked out the contents and to be honest, I was a little skeptical.  The lipstick was a pink, almost a hot pink, which made me nervous.  And the eye shadow looked like a dark purplish brown.  Remember, I look terrible in purples?  But I KNEW I would love the nail polish.
     The nail polish is "Not So Sweet" by NCLA and it is a very pretty light pink.  You need a few coats to get a good smooth coat, but it dries with a very shiny finish, no top coat needed.  It also dries fairly quickly so that you don't have to wait long.  It sells for $16.00 on ShopNCLA.com.
     The next thing that I tried was the lipstick.  The lipstick is "Exotic Pink" from Besame Cosmetics and it sells on their site for $22.00.
     Normally I would not choose such a bold color for myself.  But I did tell Wantable that I liked light and happy colors, so they did deliver.  What's awesome about the pink lipstick is that it matches my new hair color quite splendidly and actually looks great on me.
     Now, the eye shadow was the one I was most concerned about.  It is "Nude Glam" Eye Powder by Girlactik Beauty and it sells for $17.00.  I was worried because it looked dark for my liking.  Also, you can't tell from the website, but it does have a ruddy purplish tinge to it.  However, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised.  When applied, it is super sheer, really shimmery, and NOT purple.  It's my favorite eye color to date!
     The other items in the box were a Prime Brush from MichaelMarcus which sells for $38.  Mind you, a subscription is $36 per month.  It is really soft and I will be using it often.  You can hear more about the brush in the video here.

     The last thing in the box was a tester of Fresh Start oil-free by Sorme Treatment Cosmetics.  Here is a little bit about it from the Sorme website:

• Oil-Free
• Silicone Free
• Specialized for oily, sensitive,
and acne-prone skin

A powerful blotting ingredient holds up to 10 times its weight in oils for a shine-free, poreless finish. Super antioxidants of Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, and Pomegranate help repair free radical damage. Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin hydrated without oils.

     The total of all the full sized products I received was $93, which is a HUGE savings off regular costs. For anyone into quality cosmetics, you could definitely save a bunch by trying out Wantable.  And you can cancel, return, or skip at any time, so there is no chance of regret!  I'm really glad that I took the chance on some makeup that I might not have realized WAS my style.  It has definitely opened new doors to me and how I look at makeup.  I bet the same could go for the accessories or the intimates boxes that Wantable offers.  Thank you Wantable!!!

Have you ever tried a subscription service for any kind of products?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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