22 January, 2014

#Splat Hair Color Review

     I was blonde for most of high school.  I adored my blonde hair.  It lightened my face and out of the corner of my eyes I always saw a bright glow from my hair catching the light.  I was always so happy and as silly as it sounds I do think that the constant bright frame on everything I saw helped me to feel that way.
Twelve years ago.
     The last 5 years or so I haven't dyed my hair much.  A little red here or brown there, but nothing drastic.  I guess part of me figured that I didn't have much right spending money on myself for something frivolous like that and part of me thought that I was a mom now and I should be sensible.
This has been my color for quite some time now.
     Well I went shopping with my sister last week and I was feeling pretty down.  I had a gift card with me that I had gotten for Christmas, and I'd be lying if I didn't STRONGLY consider buying myself some wine.  But we both agreed that wine would only temporarily help me feel better and I'd probably suffer a guilty conscience as a result.  So would I REALLY be feeling better?  Probably not.  I'm not a wino after all, I was just having a REALLY bad week.  So we looked for something to help me feel better because although I usually spend my gift cards on cleaning supplies and the like, I wanted something for me.
     I perused the make-up thinking maybe a new pretty face would cheer me up.  Holy expensive, Batman!  I'm okay with my stash right now, so that was out.  Then we saw it, hair dye!  Of course!  I decided right away that I would go with a sensible ruddy blonde, a sort of dark strawberry blonde type color.  Then my sister pointed out the Splat Hair Colors in vivid blue, red, and purple.  She suggested a black and red combo and it just so happened that I was in the frame of mind to go for it.
     So I brought the dye home and had planned to wait for my sister to help me the next day, but I just couldn't wait.  I Googled some quick ideas and went straight to work.  I decided to go the opposite from our original plans and do a black underneath with the blonde and reddish pink on top.  THIS as well as THIS was my inspiration.
Yes, that IS a shopping bag :)
     The first thing that I needed to do was to bleach the hair that I wanted to stay blonde or to dye with the Luscious Raspberries Splat hair dye.  This was pretty easy, I just separated my hair into an upper and lower and bleached the upper while dying the lower half black.  I did it all in one step to avoid having to re-part my hair later.
Me and 'Lil Riot having some photo fun before the Splat was applied.
     The bleach was a blue color and seemed kind of gritty to me.  I put it on my hair trying my best to avoid the actual scalp and waited until the color looked right.  It bleached my hair quite well, even the previously dyed areas.  It did have brassy tones though, as it usually does when I bleach my hair.  I might need a toner to get just the right blonde.  The bleach did burn a little bit when it got on my scalp, but it did not burn nearly as bad as other brands I have tried.

     After all that, I died the bangs and the bottom half of the bleached section with the Splat hair dye.  For this part I recruited my sister's help.  We didn't worry too much about perfect parting as long as all the blonde below the part was gotten.  If any of the color got onto the black, it wouldn't show anyway.  I had just enough to dye the area that I wanted dyed.  If I were to do a bigger area in the future I would need a second or third box of color. 
 Use Vaseline on your hairline to avoid dyed skin!!!
     I lost track of how long I let this color stay in.  I have read that you can keep it in overnight, but I was at my sister's and it was getting really late, so I didn't have that luxury.  I would say that I probably left it in for close to an hour.  And when I rinsed it out, the color was beautiful.  It came out much better that I expected.
     The ONLY thing I wish were different is the length of the color.  I do wish it were permanent.  At least I think I do.  I often find that the hair color clashes with much of my clothes, so perhaps it is good that it is a color that lasts about 6 weeks.  A few weeks later, my hair is pretty faded, it is now a medium pink and the blonde is in much more need of a toner than it was at first.  I haven't decided how I am going to do my hair next.  At first I thought I might do a light auburn, but then I thought that it is too soon to go back to being so practical again.  But then I do have a few Dollar Tree red hair dyes kicking around that I never dared to try.  I guess maybe I will wait til my birthday to go blue ;)

What do you think?  Have you ever tried Splat?  Ever try dollar store hair dye?

This product is one that I acquired on my own or from friends or family members. All opinions are 100% my own.


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