27 August, 2013

Signazon Window Cling Review

     So I am not the kind of person who can just strike up a conversation with someone I don't know.  I wish I were, but I am not, I'm working on it.  I am also not the kind of person who can just say "No, thank you.  I am not interested at this time."  If I said that I would have such a guilty feeling that you would think I had just run over someone's dog.  I never want anyone to think little of me to the point where it really interferes with my life.  It is so very sad but also so very true.  But hey, I can laugh about it.  I know it's dumb.
     So imagine how I feel 2-3 times a year when that unfamiliar knock is at my door and it is religious solicitors or book salespeople, talking about what they are most passionate about and I need to turn them away.  I shudder just thinking about it.  Actual human interaction!?  With strangers!?  Trying to sell me something!?  OH NO!  Yes, there is panic, I won't lie.  I have been wanting to find something for a while that will discourage them.
Behold, Attack Dog!
     I was told that if you answer the door naked, the religious ones won't come back.  But even if I were the owner of a smoking hot body (which to my disappointment, I am not), I would feel terrible flashing church people!  I was told that maybe answering the door with a gun or a knife that may or may not have suspicious looking strawberry syrup on it would do the trick.  Gosh, I don't want to talk with the cops either!  I was told to bring my dog to the door to scare them into leaving quickly.  Did that, stood in the middle of winter with the door cracked open holding back a hair-on-end, growling, ferocious, terrifyingly loud and throaty barker of a dog for like 10 minutes.  And even when I lost grip and he almost slipped through the door, they stood firm at the door step.  One time they even brought a child to ward off people who might scream and curse at them!  WHAT!?  Who ARE you people?  Don't bring the child into this!
     Then of course someone had a brilliant and stupidly simplistic idea.  A NO SOLICITING SIGN!  Give me a second to smack my head, mmkay?
Okay.  Yes, a sign, it's brilliant in a 'duh' kind of way.  But that involved money where as none of the other options did, so it has been a long time coming.  And yeah, a piece of paper with crayon writing is free, but really... I want it to look like I mean business.   And I don't mean any business, I mean Step-any-further-and-I-will-bring-your-bottom-to-court-and-end-your-tyranny-on-my-emotions type of business.
     So it had to be yellow.
     And lucky for me, Signazon had just what I needed.  Isn't that the loveliest thing you have seen all day?  Yes, I realize that I could have squeegeed better.  To be honest, I just wanted it on the door, to heck with how perfectly.  But it did go on very easily and the squeegee worked well when we did use it.
     You might notice a few scuffs on the bottom there.  That is not how it came.  That was because my husband thought he would help squeegee by using the cardboard tube that came with it.  Yes, I am serious.  I love that man, but sometimes... well sometimes he is just like me, oblivious.  That said, the cardboard sucked the color right out of that sign.  It's probably why the squeegee that came with it wasn't made of cardboard.  However, if the sign does get scratched, it will leave scratch marks, just in case you thought it wouldn't.
     It came in a box and was wrapped around the aforementioned tube.  The squeegee was also in the box.  It came very quickly, I should know because I counted the seconds til it arrived.  I was not disappointed.  So far, we haven't had any solicitors.  I hope it deters them.  If not, well, I guess I be making myself a nice little panic room in one of our closets.
     Signazon has WAY more than Custom signs though, they have pre-made No Soliciting signs as well as for sale signs, store sale signs, and other business clings.  They even have clear clings, so you could make yourself one of those stick families in Photoshop and put that bad boy on your window.  Bonus: It peels off!  Divorced?  Cut the husband out and stick it back on!
     I kid, I kid.  But seriously, the possibilities really ARE endless and the design process is so easy!  Please try it, if for no other reason than to just kill 20 minutes while you wait for Facebook to get more interesting.
     The signs are pretty reasonable too.  This one would set you back less than $37.  But you could order a custom sized smaller one for less or a bigger one for more.  Awesome note:  You can order a full car window cling for your back window.  The site will help you choose your Make, Model, and Year to find what size you need!  How awesome is that!?  I was totally impressed with the site and how easy everything is.  Please check them out for any sign that you may need.  Think book sale, baby shower, memorial sticker... what do you need?

Disclaimer:  I wish that I could say that  this sign is completely false and that I in no way would actually avoid my own home for weeks if I thought a salesman might come back... but I totally would.  I would find SOMEWHERE for my kids and I to be for every second that I could afford to be using the family vehicle.  Would I hide in a closet?  No, but I would hide behind curtains as I peek to see if you have left yet.  Will I cry?  No.  That one is false.  At least I think it is.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


VintageLoveandPhotographs said...

We get a solicitor at least once a week. I simply just don't answer the door. I don't know why people still go door to door because it's just not safe anymore.

-Zefaniya Follow me #16

amanda wilson said...

That sign is better than my go away doormat!

(azhuresjewels on swap-bot)

emilystrange said...

Ha! That's a great sign! -emilystrange123 from swap-bot.

Jennifer Watson McDonald said...

What a MARVELOUS idea !! I totally need one of these & I LOVE your post !!

~ Jennifer Watson McDonald
Follow Me #16

Magena Clemente said...

What a great post! I love the sign! That would definitely come in handy with all the people that come knocking here! Love the name of your blog-- my son always says "6 more minutes, PLEASE??" Ha! Not sure where he came up with the 6 minutes but that's what he goes with! Following through Google and NB :)

Magena (swap-bot)

H2OBaby said...

Interesting and funny sign. Luckily for me, we don't get those strangers in my country. Well, maybe once every two or three years.

H2OBaby - Follow me #16 (Swap-bot)

Karen G. said...

Great sign! We live in the country and am lucky to have a salesman once a year. The last saleman cost us 600.00 because I couldn't say no to the meat he was selling. I should have NEVER opened the door.
Am enjoying peeking into your world.
Kraftykj.blogspot passing thru from swap bot.
Follow Me 16

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to check these out.

oddbroad - follow me #17

Bev Sykes said...

Oh, I can so identify! I love the sign, but I had my husband put in a peep hole and I always check before opening the door. (The vicious-sounding barking dogs also help discourage unwanted people!)

basykes on SwapBot

Anonymous said...

I do have anxiety whenever anyone comes to the door uninvited- even if it's not a stranger. I HATE drop-in vistors. Yes, we may be family but I don't come knocking at your door randomly. Usually I'm in my PJ's or the house is a mess. A sign might help with the strangers at least. Has it worked so far?

Tiffany Taylor said...

Thelittlegreenden, I have not gotten any knocks on my door since putting it up. Even the UPS man didn't knock as usual, just left the package and drove off :) I LOVE this sign!

Katrina Alana said...

Love the sign. It shows that you have a sense of humor. I don't like solicitors either. I'm concerned about letting strangers in.

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