02 October, 2013

Rileyroos Shoe Review

     Baby Man has FAT feet.  It's true.  In fact, I think all of my kids have had fat feet.  There have been some shoes that we had through all 4 girls that I saved and with each child, I sighed dismally as I tried to put their feet into them just to find that yet another one of the girls would never wear the beautiful shoes.  I had 4 or 5 pair that never fit any of them and went unworn for 7 years in my home before I finally got rid of them.  It was a sad day.
     So finding shoes can be a struggle.  Of course they recommend soft shoes for little babies and with wide feet it is best to have giving shoes anyway.  That's why I was particularly interested in Rileyroos.  Their shoes are all soft and giving with soft leather/rubber soles.  Their soles are actually pretty fantastic.  It was the first thing I noticed about the shoes when we got them.  Take a looksie!
     Isn't that cool!?  Rilyroos says this about it's shoe design:
"Rileyroos footwear is designed for the best development of a child’s foot using a flexible, cushioned rubber sole which allows little feet to respond to the natural environment below them."  And, "Our unique bottoms are designed with rubber inserts extending heal to toe beneath the leather, offering greater traction and durability than leather only soles. And the soles curl above the toes to provide leverage as a child navigates through the early developmental milestones – crawling, cruising and early walking."
     They also boast that parents love the looks of Rileyroos shoes.  Yes, yes we do.  They have this great look to them.  Maybe it is the handmade appeal, maybe it is the way the toes curl up for better crawling traction, or maybe it is the beautiful colored leather and accent stitching.  Whatever is is, the shoes really are gorgeous.  There are so many that I would love to just snatch right up.
     What I love most is that the shoe has give.  Because it is made from leather, the sides aren't stiff and rigged making it easy for little (or large) feet to get into it.  Mr. Man is a big baby with big feet, but the shoes are not to narrow for him, and that is a huge deal for my family since most shoes are.  These shoes fit him so well.
     The colors are great.  I adore the several shades of blue.  They match many of his pants perfectly.  The colors are rich and full, not faded or fake.  The closure is Velcro and the shoe stretches nicely to make room for baby feet.  The shoes never once fell off while we were using them, but they were not too snug either.
      The shoes we got are Brooks in Sail and they just happen to be on sale right now.  I love these and Taylor in Grasshopper the best as far as little boy shoes go.  You'll notice that the toe of the shoe curves up to the top.  That is so that the shoe can provide traction for little babies like mine who are just learning to crawl and to stand.  I know especially for someone with floors as slick as mine, this is a good thing.
     I just can not express enough how much I love these shoes.  They are definitely one of my very all-time favorites.  I think anyone would love these shoes.  There's really no reason not to :)

What did your baby's first shoes look like?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Ángela said...

Hi Tiffany! Greetings from Spain, I'm Angela (puchita) from Swap-bot, I'm glad of being your new follower and i hope keep in touch with you via our blogs.
I still remember the time when i used to buy small shoes for my baby Irene... i enjoyed a lot!!!
Take Care!


Sabrina said...

I love those shoes! They're playful and stylish, yet in a childlike way. Very nice.

Also, can I just say I love the way you introduce your family in your left sidebar? Very cute. Your boy won't know what's happening to him with so many women around! Good thing he's got his dad, some serious bonding is going to take place I reckon! Haha!

Sabrina said...

Oh by the way, that was Pouffia from Swap Bot. (Lol why do I keep forgetting to mention that?)

amanda wilson said...

Cute shoes! I do not have children so sadly my cats would not like me using them as models :P

Azhuresjewels- Follow Me #17

Smart Creative said...

Aw, your son is really cute, and so are his shoes! :-)

VintageLoveandPhotographs said...

Cute shoes. By the way I get a warning that your blog is infected with something...not sure if that's something you can fix or not.

-Zefaniya (Follow me #17)

purple24 said...

Gotta let my sister know about these. purpl24 (Swap-Bot Follow Me #17)

Magena Clemente said...

Awesome shoes! I definitely could have used these with my youngest! He had huge chunky feet! His feet barely fit on the souvenir birth certificate!

Magena22 (swap-bot)

Meghan Weger said...

As someone with wide feet I understand the difficulty finding shoes! Meghan N1ght0wl21 from Swapbot

VintageLoveandPhotographs said...

Cute shoes. I like the print they make if the baby could walk.

-Zefaniya (Follow me #18)

Katrina Alana said...

Great review. I might add this to my shopping list for Christmas. I have a few friends who just have little ones.

(swap-bot katrinaalana)

Creativeoutletter said...

I enjoyed reading your review!

Swappingsan on swapbot

Jessica Edwards said...

LOVE reviews! I'm telling you, I wish so much someone would have told me that pyrex likes to explode...2 cake pans of chicken later...meh...
I am Jessie (uniqueUtopia) from swapbot :)

Miss Beguen said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. This reviews is great and it 's a cute shoes..
Have a nice day !

Miss Beguen - Follow me #18

Jessica said...

Those look like very cool shoes. I always had a hard time finding one that fit my little girl.

j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

Jessica Edwards said...

I like the shoes, but the baby is pretty adorable too :)

Uniqueeutopia (swapbot)

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