27 August, 2013

Eyeglass Factory Outlet Review

     I had a feeling that my eyes had been getting worse over the past year.  But I had no idea how much worse.  It's actually embarrassing how much worse they have gotten, and actually, I almost doubt the accuracy of it.  I should know better than to lose track of my glasses but, with five kids at home, sometimes things get lost.  And so I was without glasses AGAIN with progressively worsening eyes!  And then the prescription came and I had to get new ones anyway, so even if I found the old one ones I was out of luck.
     Thank goodness I was pointed in the direction of Eyeglass Factory Outlet!  They are a very easy site to maneuver and the glasses are priced reasonably as well at just $34.50.
     When I first went, I knew that rectangular frames are the only ones that I look half decent in, so that is where I started.  I could have chosen to search by Men's, Women's, material type, frame type, or style, but I chose to search by frame shape.
     I was given fifteen choices that were rectangular.  most of them would have looked good, but I decided on these unisex glasses:
     They are a coffee color.  Mmmmmm.  They have a nice solid frame that has a spring open type action in the hinge that I love.
     The first thing I noticed when I put them on is that there was glare.  I think this is the only pair I have had without the anti-reflective coating, so is it more glare than can be expected?  I can't say.  I got fairly used to it pretty quickly, but it can sometimes be a nuisance, especially while on the computer.
     After that, I noticed that they were very comfortable and I loved the color.  They are not bulky at all which is great and they are light weight.  They are over-all a very nice frame.
     It came with a sturdy, hard case which is ALWAYS better than a flimsy soft case and also a cleaning cloth, which works wonderfully.   I do adore those cleaning cloths!
     The glasses shipped and arrived quickly, they were in great shape and I was very pleased with the whole ordering experience.  The process on the site is very easy and user friendly.  I was able to choose lens material, lens features and put in my prescription with no trouble at all.  But just in case you get confused about anything, there is a FAQ page as well as email and phone contact options on the site.
     Eyeglass Factory Outlet also has a pretty good deal going on.  You get 25% off of a 2nd pair (of equal or lesser value) and one low shipping charge of $5 for both pairs of glasses.  Not bad!
     So in closing, I think these glasses would be my favorites if it weren't for the glare.  I would get them again, but have anti-reflective lenses put on them.
     You can check Eyeglass Factory Outlet out on Facebook or Twitter as well as on their site.

What is your favorite feature in a pair of glasses?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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