26 October, 2012

Three ER visits this week!

     On Friday, as I was waiting for an ultrasound in the waiting room, I was attacked with a severe case of back pain.  It felt very much like a kidney pain that you would get with a kidney infection or a bladder infection.  I went through with the ultrasound, crippled in pain and decided that I would go in later if it still hurt.  After getting the girls out of school, I could still feel it, so my mom came with me and three of the girls to the ER and it was determined that I had a VERY VERY slight tract infection which would normally be no biggie.  but since I am pregnant, they game me a prescription and sent me home while advising me to call back in 2 days to get actual culture results and make sure I have the right meds.  I called on Sunday and I had no actual infection, so I stopped the meds and the pain was gone by then anyway.

     On Tuesday, I sent my daughter to go let the dog outside so he could pee and next thing I know, she is coming in my room crying in pain.  I asked her what happened and she tells me that she hit the counter.  Ummm, Okay... "Were you THAT mad that I made you get up and let the dog out?" I asked her.  No real response came.  I decided to wait because she can bet over-dramatic when it comes to pain.  But 45 minutes later, she still winced and shrunk back with pain when it was touched or moved, so we went in with the baby.  The girls crawled on the floor and tossed glove balloons and rolled a bouncy ball while we waited and waited.  Finally she got an x-ray and she had broken her hand where the pink bone is almost all the way through the bone.  After some prodding, she admitted that the dog had plowed her over and she tried to retaliate by hitting him, only he was under the counter at the time.  She ended up hitting the counter instead and injured herself  *sigh*  So lesson was learned and she gets a more permanent cast on Monday that she will keep for 6 weeks.

     And last night I went in again for pain, but this time on my left side.  I normally wouldn't go in for pain, but since I am pregnant I don't like to take chances.  This felt like a bad cramp in my left side and was pretty constant.  It was tender to the touch and After waiting a few hours for it to resolve, I went in.   Three hours in a room with a drippy faucet and a ticking clock and i was sent home with a couple Tylenol and a mini spring water.  The doc said he thinks it's muscular, but I am following up with my own doctor (something I never do) just to be sure.

     So that was my week so far.  I've spent about 11 hours in the hospital, only about 20 minutes of that actually talking to someone.  The peace and quiet has been nice, but I am glad it is done with.


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