22 October, 2012

Say NO to GMO!!! Please don't ignore this issue!

As a mom of 4 girls I want what's best for them. I regulate processed foods and sugary drinks and do my best to keep them healthy. I had no idea how bad I was doing for them! Who is familiar with GMOs? GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and it is in more products than you think. I have always known that the outbreak of diseases and allergies were linked to what we have done with our foods and now I have watched a video that has really broke it down in such a simple way that it just clicked. It ALL makes sense to me! Why are our children going into the doctors with so many stomach or digestive problems? Why are so many people developing strong food allergies all of a sudden... and to foods that are not normally a problem?My concern has been growing with all the forms that need to be signed in school so there is no cross contamination. If this keeps up, how will we feed our kids at school? So many foods will be harmful to different kids.

We need to stand together and put our mothering/ fathering/ caring foot down and say NO to GMO! Our government has seen the research and saw that through testing our GMO foods have changed genitalia, spread disease, caused allergies, birth defects and death. What are we doing??? Why are we allowing this?? We will take a stand when it comes to animal cruelty or not giving fattening foods in our schools cafeteria but this is an issue that has been around for 30 years and I am just learning about the cause and effects of this! We label our foods gluten free, or sugar free but GMO foods are not even required to put it out there and disclose it!

I strongly urge you... more than I have ever urged anything on my blog... to watch this video. It is long... an hour 1/2 but you won't regret it! Please, please, please... watch this video, start buying non-gmo foods and claim our health back. You have known for a while that there is something going on with our foods and that it is linked to our health but believe me... until you have seen this... you won't fully understand. I also ask that when you are done watching this video that you share... whenever you think of it... that only takes a second. I will be going through my cupboards and fridge because I certainly do not want to offer it to my children any more and I hope to God that I have not done damage already. The changes are dramatic once you cut it out of your diet. It does absolutely no good for you. Why keep it in the home?? Once we say NO, they can't sell GMO.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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