22 October, 2012

Champion Me Books Review and Giveaway!

     I have 4 girls, so it makes sense that some of these girls share similar interests.  For example, The Punk and The Big One both enjoy horses quite well and so each have their own collection of toy horses.  They ALL enjoy art and a few of them enjoy nature collecting.  They all enjoy reading as well.  They enjoy it so much that they fight over books.  While this makes me very happy that they all love to read, it also can be frustrating.  I ask myself, am I right?  Is that book really Streakers?  Or did I just give Baby Bee's book to the wrong kid?  I felt bad earlier today as I contemplated this as The Punk had a mini meltdown over a book she claimed was hers.
     There are a few solutions to this.  I could inscribe the book when I get it, if I remember.  I could also make sure each kid keeps their own books put up or even only get community property books until they are old enough to remember whose book is whose.  But I could also go the route of Personalized Children's Books and make sure that there is just no mistaking whose book it is.
     Enter Champion Me Books, a site where you can put your child right into the storyline.  I have always wanted to personalize some books for my kids, but the problem I have come across is that the book either portrays my child as a random child with my child's poorly cut out head on top, I can not put my tomboy into a boy-only scenario, there are not enough different stories for all of my kids, or there is just no customizing of the child at all and the character looks nothing like my kid except that they share the same gender and hair color.  Sometimes, there was so little customization that all my girls looked the same!
      That's why I was so impressed with Champion Me Books.  They gave me a tool so that I was in full control over what features my child had and what the character looked like.  Each book had a different character template.  I was able to customize so that Streaker's eyes were slanted, The Big One was in fact the most grown-up looking, and Punkerbutt's braid-obsession was recognized.  For the most part, my girls LOOK like my girls, which I think is pretty awesome.
     After reading all of the books, I had a hard time choosing a favorite.  They all had such different and wonderful stories.  From mischievous to heroic, whimsical to sci-fi, there was a story to match each of my girls.  All of the books can be read in their entirety with some sample pictures before ordering, so you don't have to worry about not liking the story.
     I love the illustrations.  They are neat and colorful and full of life, the girls will love them.
     There was one book in particular that I appreciated for it's message.  There was a book about overcoming fears, one about having fun and one about being a bit naughty.  But one (pictured above) had a message about seeing people for who they are,despite how they look and I think that is a great message, one that I hope my kids never lose sight of.
     Checking out was super simple.  I loved that a membership was not necessary, I do dislike when you have to sign up just to order something.  It allowed me to create a dedication, which is a nice touch I thought, and it let me double check it before it was finalized.  It then asked me which book format I would like to order with the prices right there to help me choose.
     Afterwards, it asked for payment and coupon/gift codes and then promptly sent me my e-books through a link in an e-mail.  When I clicked on it, I saw a list of all the books I had ordered and easy clickable download options for both PDF and EPub.  I chose PDF, though both are easily read through my computer and I can go back and re-download them through different formats if I choose.
     Overall, the process was insanely simple and fun.  My girls all have their own personalized book with stories to suit their strengths and interests.  I couldn't be more pleased with Champion Me Books and I hope there are more books in the future.
     To enjoy Champion Me Books for yourself, check out their site here or their Facebook here.  In the mean time, please feel free to try to win a personalized paperback book.  Contest ends in 2 weeks, so don't wait!
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Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Crystal Langley said...

(My Child) and the Scribble Monster, so cute!

Rae Clark said...

What a great idea! I think I shall look into this for a Christmas gift for my little boy.

ariannasma216 said...

The scribble monster for sure!

rachel said...

the scribble monster for sure. my walls are covered in potential scribble monsters!

liberty boblett said...

I would choose "Lydia" in the Great Escape of Mighty Star!

Dee said...

I think I'd go with the gadgetland one!

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