16 June, 2012

The Zero Scale Review

     As far as losing weight goes, I'm never very successful.  I just love food too much.  Whether that is part of some rocky past that I need to work through or whether it's more of a love that I need to control, I am not sure.  But I sure do love food.  I love cheese and meat and fries, I love chowder and pasta with sauce.  If it's savory, I love it.
     This love of food does not do well for my waist line or my scale.  In fact, my last scale broke. I'm pretty sure it broke from heart break, lol.  But it was unreliable.  I would step on it some days and it would say something 20 pounds different than the day before or vice versa.  I hope I wasn't changing weight that fast!  So, getting fed up with never knowing if I really was gaining or losing, I went searching.  And it didn't take me long to come across the Zero Scale.
     The idea behind it was intriguing.  Basically, it will only tell you what you really weight if you let it.  What it WILL tell you is how many days have passed since your last or initial weigh-in and how much yo have gained or lost.
     So far, I love my scale for being honest, but I also hate my scale for being honest.  Apparently, I have gained 10 lbs since I have had it *sigh*  However, I usually weigh myself in the morning in my undies before eating anything, and I just weighed myself in the late evening holding a bulky camera fully dressed.  So I'll just pretend that the camera and my clothes added a couple pounds.  But I know it is accurate because I have felt myself gaining weight.  My shirts are getting tighter and I haven't exactly been watching calories.
     What I love most about this bathroom scale is that instead of looking at a huge number, you are just seeing small manageable numbers, like -2 or +1, so you don't need to get overwhelmed with how much you need to lose, but instead you can think about what you did that week and if it worked or not.
     How the scale works is this:
     There is a switch in the back to turn it on, you can choose pounds or kilograms.  There is also a rest button.  You turn the scale on and tap the scale once for profile 1, twice for 2, three times for 3 and four times for 4.  You can also tap it quickly five times to see your actual weight.  After you are on a profile, you weight for a few seconds and it will say 0.o.  You then step on the scale and it will become your profile.  Then every time that you weigh yourself, you use the same user profile an it will tell you what you have gained or lost and in how many days.  First it tells you how much since your last weigh-in, then it switches to your total from the start.
     As part of this product testing, I was also sent a Zero Scale Pedometer, which I love.  It is a great tool for tracking steps and distance.  I'm hoping that the calorie counter isn't accurate because it says that I burn about 80-100 calories per day, which, YIKES!  Is it even possible to burn so few calories?  I hope not.  If so, I guess I can see why I am not doing well on weight loss!  But it;s a good size, stays on well for the most part and is easy to forget.  It's never a nuisance.
     Over-all, I adore my new scale and pedometer set!  They are super easy to use and to read.  They aren't expensive easier as far as these type products go.  The scale is $49.99 and the pedometer is $14.99 on the Zero Scale Website.
     What do you love most about your bathroom scale?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Savingwith Saveone said...

This is so awesome! I've never heard of a scale like this before! Thanks so much for the review it sounds terrific!!

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