14 June, 2012

Zaggora Hot Pants Review

     I'm kinda what you would call a couch potato.  The likelihood of me getting up and running a mile before breakfast anytime in my life is like the likelihood of watching a snow shower in the middle of July.  It COULD happen, but very doubtful.  I'd really much rather browse the Internet all day or cuddle up and watch a movie.
     But doing those things won't help with my pants size, which is always going up it seems.  I tried eating only salads and sandwiches and according to my scale, I was losing pounds, twelve in fact... but my pants were still snug.  I didn't get it and it was very frustrating.  I'm back on the salad/sandwich diet in an effort to again lose weight.  Hopefully I can add some exercise soon.  But for now, the only real helper I am gonna have with my pants size shrinking are my Viva Hot Pants.
      If you haven't heard of Hot Pants, they are a unique tool in helping to shed pant sizes.  Zaggora, the makers of Hot Pants claim that these pants help you to lose two pant sizes in two weeks.  I was skeptical, no lie.  I usually am very skeptical of things that promise results with little effort beyond normal every day activity.  So I asked the awesome people of Zaggora if they wouldn't mind me testing a pair.  They were super nice and were more than happy to see what I thought of them.
     At first when I got them, I tried them on and thought "Oh Dear, I think I got the wrong size!"  However, it didn't stop me from squeezing my fat heiny into them and they did in fact fit.  I wore them faithfully and hoped that somewhere in Zaggora's claim there was some truth.  After a week of wearing them (yes, I washed them), I am shocked by what I've experienced.
      First of all, the pants sound like Styrofoam rubbing together when you move, and they will make you sweat.  Even just sitting at the computer for most of the day, I sweat.  And during the first day, they really did feel "hot".  The sweating seems to have gone away slightly with every day that I wear them.  But not only did I sweat, I actually did lose at least one pant size!
     I know because I have these panties that are always so tight that they make me feel sick.  I keep them and wear them because I honestly planned to lose weight and fit into them just fine.  Sadly, the scale says I have gained 8 lbs and that's not so encouraging.  But amazingly, after a week in the Hot Pants, I can wear the panties with NO sickness.  They feel perfectly fine, even with the 8 pound gain!  Astounding!
     Also after a week, my Hot Pants themselves go on much easier and feel better while I am wearing them.  I am so impressed, I will be wearing these every day for a while.  I can even wear them under my normal pants, at church, or even out if I dare!  I absolutely love the color and style.  They just look like something you would wear to the gym, which puts it in my head all day that I should be moving.  I like that.  I will update later on how they are doing in a few weeks.
     Here is a little something to leave you with, from th Zaggora website:

     What's your favorite minimal-effort weight loss or slimming tip or product?


Jeni said...

Thanks for writing this review. Google sent me to your review after I kept seeing ads for these hot pants, so I decided to do some research.
Now it's been a while, have you continued to wear the pants? Has the experience continued to go well?


Irfan Butt said...

interested in following each other via GFC?

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