07 June, 2012

FaceCaddy Giveaway

     A few days ago, I told you about the FaceCaddy and how it has helped me deal with my jaw discomfort after a recent plague of TMJ.  Well, I am off the steroids now and my TMJ pain is gone, but alas, the pain in my tooth has partially returned.  I guess it was a little bit of both *shrug*  I will be using the FaceCaddy a lot in the next several weeks as I await my EKG and the results of that to see if I can go under anesthesia to have the tooth removed.
     It really is a nice soothing comfort to have heat when I need it without anything tying up my hands.  And now John Lucas (the creator of the FaceCaddy) and myself would love to help you out by giving away a FaceCaddy on Just 10 More Minutes?  It can be used to relieve jaw pain from surgery, TMJ, dental trauma, or something more along the lines of migraines or hot flashes.  A woman I talked to considered buying one for her son who has trouble sleeping at night because he tends to overheat in the head and face.  I also talked to a fellow blogger mom who thought it might be useful to drape over her neck while working long hours at the computer.  Genius!  I will definitely be keeping these ideas on hand.
      So let's get on with the giveaway!  Up for grabs is a ZebraCaddy.  Don't you just love the color?  Because we adore the Rafflecopter widget so much, we will be using it for every giveaway on this blog, so just click and go!  Good luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Crystal Langley said...

I can see other uses for this as well! Very interesting.

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