25 July, 2012

Anytime Costumes Review

     Halloween is one of my kids' favorite days.  They love the dressing up and the free candy.  It's the only day of the year when they ACTUALLY dress up, not just throw on a costume and go, but take time and get it perfect with all the accessories and hoopla it deserves.  For me, it is super fun, but also it is super stressful.  Each year, I worry about the money that goes into it, I worry about the weather and how we will keep the kids warm without making them look like a pile of laundry instead of a princess.  I also worry about my own costume because I refuse to go out undressed, of course.
     Well this year, the weather isn't too bad, so I can go out a little less layered than normal.  And I LOVE my Halloween costume!  I don't think I have ever loved a costume as much.  I just feel absolutely beautiful in it.  Unfortunately my camera is on the fritz.  I hate not having personal photos to show you how awesome it looked, but trust me on this, it was gorgeous.  And since I'm pregnant, I've got to have just the right type of costume for over my belly once Halloween comes.  I'll be a full four and a half months by then and I will look pretty big if history is a good example.  Fortunately, this costume will make a spectacular maternity costume, the belly area is very forgiving, as you can probably tell.
     Usually, my costume is bulky or stiff or it makes noise when I walk... but this year, my costume is soft and flowing and feels like a comfy night gown... in fact, a silky nightgown if you can imagine.  I got it at Anytime Costumes.  It is a peach and green Greek Goddess costume.  It comes with the dress itself, a slip (how considerate) and a head wreath.  The head wreath is actually very pretty and looks great with my hair partly over it and partly under it.  It honestly looks a little phony on the website photos, but looks better on a person in real life.
     It comes in regular and plus and I admit, I SHOULD have gone with the plus, especially with a little one on the way, but I didn't.  You know, you never want to admit you're bigger than you are.  Regardless, it is comfortable and looks great.  It just gives maybe a little more cleavage than I'd have had if I'd have been true to my size.  It also comes in a white and blue color scheme, which I almost went for.  It was a toss up, but I think I went with the right choice for me.  It all came down to the shoes.  Again, I'm kicking myself for not being able to share pics.  The shoes totally finished the whole look.
     Some things I especially liked about the costume were the sleeves and the rope accent.  The sleeves are open on the shoulder, but connect around the elbow.  I thought this looked so pretty and also helped keep the sleeves from being too awkward.  The rope was perfect for tucking in my tummy, so that I didn't look pregnant before I'm supposed to look pregnant... you know that phase?  Ugh.  Thank goodness for those ropes!
     I really think that this costume will be my favorite ever.  It sure beats being a vampire for the 3rd year in a row!
     Do you dress up for Halloween?

     *  I received this product free in order to create this review.


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