30 May, 2013

Puddle Jumping!

Baby Bee running back and forth on Memorial Day 2013.
     I do not know a single child who does not gravitate like metal to a magnet toward a puddle when they see one.  There is just something about puddles that attract children.  Perhaps the water, cool and refreshing.  Maybe the squishy bottom, all gooey between their toes.  Or maybe it is because generally we frown at the idea of their beautiful clothes getting dingy and kids live to test boundaries.
The Big One got creative with a milk jug in 2009.
     The past two weeks have been almost all rain.  I wish I had thought to get them outside with their bathing suits.  Instead we stayed in, went stir crazy, and just about tore each others' heads off out of sheer boredom.  Sound familiar?  Well if you are getting rain, why not dress them in rain appropriate garb and send them out for a while?  You can welcome them back in with cocoa and warm cookies :)
The Big One, Baby Bee, and Streaker in the puddle on Memorial Day 2013.
     However, as I mentioned, I didn't think to do that because I was crazy miserable from all the damp drizzle outside for the better part of two weeks.  So when the sun did finally come out on Memorial Day, we took advantage.  And as children do, they found their way to the puddles.  Some day soon, we will make paper boats and try them out in the puddle, but I'd say they had plenty of fun without them.
Streaker last year.
     When we do allow the kids to play in the puddles, I try to send them in clothes that will be easy to wash or that I don't necessarily care about.  You'll notice that The Big One is in pretty much all white.  That is also as far into the puddle as she went, lol.  The kids tend to get pretty dirty when they play in the puddles and that's okay.  They can even get their hair muddy, it will come out *wink*
Streaker on Memorial Day 2013.
     However, we can be party poopers when it comes to mud fights.  This is mainly because dirt in the eyes does NOT make for fun.  I got dirt in the eye once and it was terrible!  I tend to be stricter with my children about things that I have personal experience with.  Are you like that?
The Punk and Spaz in the puddles, 2009.
     We haven't actually ventured into the art of mud pies or mud sculptures yet.  Hopefully we can do that real soon.  Until then, we will certainly take advantage of the puddles when they come out to play.  Do your kids play in the puddles?


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