30 May, 2013

Mini Golfing... For Free

Broofy, Streaker, and Baby Bee in May 2013.
     Of course, if you have ever been mini golfing, you know that it is not generally very free.  We just happen to have a very sweet and generous man at our church who owns the local Family Fun Park and he allows us to visit once or twice a year.  If you go to church, it's nice to try to attend all the outside activities, they are a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your fellow parishioners better.  And having more friends is almost always a good thing.
Streaker waiting her turn.
     At this particular event, each member of the church gets to go and have an ice cream and as much mini golf, batting cages, and go karting as you can fit in the day, as well as "fire truck" rides.  It's always super fun.  We decided to do the golfing first because we knew that the kids would want to spend all day at the karts, which they did.  Turns out that by the time we got out there, we had already lost The Big One and the Punk only stayed for half of it *sigh*  Can't keep a kid pinned down, can you?
Baby Bee watching Broofy make his shot.
     This year for the first time ever I got not just one, but TWO hole-in-one's.  Yay!  Streaker even got one!  In all though, I do believe it was one of my worst games.  It was Baby Bee's first time ever mini golfing and she enjoyed it quite well.  She lined the club up to the ball and used her foot to kick the club.  She did great for someone her size.
The Big One at a Gifford's golf course.  (2011?)
     I was actually surprised that The Big One did not take part in a game while we were there.  She is always asking to go mini golfing, but I suppose the call of the karts was too loud.  We will try to get her out golfing sometime this year.  There are several golf courses in the area, of course they are not all free to use.  *smile*
     I would be lying if I did not consider the idea of setting up a mini golf course in the back yard.  You can't blame me though, right?  It would be super easy to dig small solo cup sized holes through out the yard and make some small skewer and paper flags to place behind them.  Keep an eye out for a post about solo cup golfing.  Have you ever been mini golfing?  Did you love it?


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