30 May, 2013

217 Free Things to do in the Spring

The Big One having fun at a free church event.

     It's amazingly difficult to come up with 365 free things to do in the Springtime without using a lot of the same things as the Summer list.  That said, I will post this list as it is and I WILL come up with 148 more things... some day.  For now, please enjoy this list of 217 free things to do in the Spring, however late this list may be.  Also, you will notice that a few things are in fact also found on the Summer list.  That is because these things are essential to outside fun :)  What do you do for fun that's free?

1.  Make a wind catcher
2.  Make a papier mache globe
3.  Start a garden
4.  Make a sun catcher
5.  Go cloud watching
6.  Do some flower pounding
7.  Make a mailbox and start leaving notes for family members
8.  Make homemade perfume
9.  Do a color changing flower experiment
10.  Grow flowers
11.  Make stepping stones for the garden
12.  Make something out of play dough
13.  Have a poetry reading
14.  Make mud sculptures
15.  Explore an ant hill
16.  Build a bird house
17.  Make grass head dolls
18.  Go frog hunting
19.  Grow a bean fort
20.  Have a scavenger hunt
21.  Try your hand at geocaching
22.  Play in the rain
23.  Make a wormery
24.  Have a picnic
25.  Take a hike
26.  Ride bikes
27.  Play golf
28.  Search for four-leafed clovers
29.  Puddle jump
30.  Feed the birds
31.  Skip rocks
32.  Bake cupcakes
33.  Visit the Farmer's Market
34.  Go camping
35.  Play a ball game
36.  Make a marble run
37.  Invent a new snack mix
38.  Sketch a budding flower
39.  Have a spa day
40.  Learn a magic trick
41.  Watch a storm
42.  Create a cartoon character
43.  Learn a new card game
44.  Create a book of dreams and goals
45.  Make boats from milk cartons
46.  Race the boats down a creek
47.  Build an indoor fort
48.  Wash the car
49.  Visit the library
50.  Make a pet rock
51.  Teach something
52.  Create a board game
53.  Play tag
54.  Play dress-up
55.  Crack some marbles
56.  Tell jokes
57.  Do a science experiment
58.  Make box cars
59.  Use the box cars to have a movie night
60.  Make a bird feeder
61.  Make a Spring Break album and fill it with everything you did during Spring Break
62.  Play some camp games
63.  Make a croquet set
64.  Practice or make some tongue twisters
65.  Wash the windows
66.  Have a crazy hair day
67.  Start a new book
68.  Play in the rain
69.  Draw with chalk on the pavement
70.  Collect flowers and learn about them
71.  Clean up at a local park or playground
72.  Play restaurant
73.  Have a bonfire
74.  Draw a map of the neighborhood
75.  Practice your signature
76.  Do leaf drawings or rubbings
77.  Make a secret hiding spot
78.  Start a club
79.  Write a book as a family
80.  Start a new good habit
81.  Do some spring cleaning
82.  Practice doing some Random Acts of Kindness
83.  Have an outdoor treasure hunt
84.  Learn how to make dandelion crowns
85.  Go somewhere new
86.  Play catch
87.  Play follow the leader
88.  Dry some flowers
89.  Roll down a hill
90.  Build an outdoor fort
91.  Try a new fruit or veggie
92.  Find where they are playing free movies and go watch one
93.  Make maracas
94.  Try making natural dyes
95.  Make a princess hat
96.  Arrange flowers
97.  Invent a new outdoors game
98.  Make your own bicycle basket
99.  Play in the dirt
100.  Learn about an animal
101.  Learn about your ancestors
102.  Play Mancala with dirt and rocks
103.  Play bean bag toss with rice filled socks
104.  Have an indoor picnic
105.  Find a pen pal
106.  Sew something together
107.  Make a match box car track
108.  Play musical instruments
109.  Sing together
110.  Make a music video
111.  Make silhouettes
112.  Look into local VBS programs
113.  Collect seashells
114.  Play school
115.  Make a paper chain to count down the days til Summer vacation
116.  Pillow fight
117.  Learn Origami
118.  Attend a story time hour at the local library
119.  Clean out your closet or bureau and donate old clothes
120.  Do the same for toys :)
121.  Do some yard work
122.  Volunteer
123.  Make a smoothie
124.  Blow bubbles
125.  Start a family blog
126.  Go tailgating
127.  Interview a family member
128.  Refashion a t-shirt
129.  Got Ivory Soap?  Blow it up!
130.  Practice writing upside down and backwards
131.  Make a nesting ball
132.  Climb something
133.  Dye eggs
134.  Have a playdate
135.  Explore things up close with a magnifying glass
136.  Make recycled paper
137.  Cut the bottom off a gallon jug and play catch with a ball
138.  Go for a wagon ride
139.  Go on a nature color hunt
140.  Have some one on one time with someone
141.  Explore a tree
142.  Make up a new dance
143.  Take an evening stroll
144.  Hunt for apple blossoms
145.  Pick some berries
146.  Go to the beach
147.  Play baseball
148.  Make a cardboard dollhouse
149.  Start a weekly family fun night
150.  Choose a family member to be 'guest of honor' for the day
151.  Have a grandparent come tell stories
152.  Have a fancy formal night
153.  Paint something - make your own paints!
154.  Snuggle
155.  Call up a friend or family member
156.  Hunt for lost change around the house - check pockets!
157.  Try making bread from scratch
158.  Draw on your windows - make rainbows or stage an alien invasion
159.  Take a nap :)
160.  Build something with blocks
161.  Make a home movie
162.  Soak in the tub
163.  Answer "what if....?"
164.  Try your hand at "planking"
165.  Make a cookbook of each family member's favorite recipes
166.  Make a cardboard city for matchbox cars
167.  Stack cups
168.  Have a storytime
169.  Draw with sticks in the dirt
170.  Classify and categorize rocks from outside
171.  Make a chore chart
172.  Catch a meteor shower or watch for falling stars
173.  Make a set of flashcards
174.  Try your hand at homemade pasta
175.  Play twister outside
176.  Build something with scrap wood
177.  3-legged races
178.  Share stories
179.  Make letter shapes with your bodies
180.  Go pillow jumping
181.  Play "chin-heads"
182.  Pretend to be statues - can you get the statues to move without touching them?
183.  Build a terrarium
184.  Make a treasure map and hunt for treasure
185.  Make a water wall
186.  Snake bubbles!
187.  Play finger puppets
188.  Roll a ball back and forth on the floor
189.  Design your own maze
190.  Make paper hats
191.  Have a "Penny Walk"
192.  Give horsey rides
193.  Play tug-of-war
194.  Use a paper towel tube as a megaphone
195.  Mirror each other
196.  Create a faerie garden for the faerie house to go in
197.  Walk around the neighborhood
198.  Make a nature wand
199.  Make jam with fresh picked berries
200.  Go to a sports game
201.  Have a race
202.  Eat something new
203.  Have a fake power outage
204.  Set up an emergency plan
205.  Have spoon races
206.  Make a bird bath
207.  Make a den in the woods
208.  Have a Staycation
210.  Yarn race
211.  Give Piggy Back rides
212. Have a friend come over
213.  Vacuum something
214.  Look at family photos
215.  Start a journal
216.  Color in a coloring book
217.  Organize something


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