02 April, 2013

Poopendous by Artie Bennett Book Review

     So, my kids find potty humor funny.  I'm not sure why, they aren't exposed to it at home.  I usually frown at such things and I have not ever really been known to laugh at it.  It just doesn't strike me as funny I guess so much as just... gross.  However, I do enjoy their infectious laughter when they are calling each other "Poopyhead" or "Fartface".  They mean nothing by it and even the person being called "Butthead" is laughing hysterically.  They seem to laugh most at potty humor than they do most anything else.
     At some point you have to decide to just join them.  And while you won't be hearing me call anyone "Booger Licker" anytime soon, I did find a very funny book that the girls love and actually opt to read.  And any book that makes my kids read is welcomed in this house!  Especially when it is funny and educational, even for us adults.
     Introducing Poopendous by author Artie Bennett!  He is the very same Artie who wrote The Butt Book, his spin on Suess's The Tooth Book and The Foot Book.  Poopendous is his follow-up of The Butt Book, is full of awesome illustrations and silly verses, and it's all about poo!  You learn all about the different names and uses for poop, as well as lots of other facts on the subject.  Did you know wombats poop in cubes?  It's true, Google it!
     The girls love the book.  Punk says the author does a pretty good job and her favorite part is when the lady stepped in doggy doo.  She thought that was pretty funny.  Streaker loved the way it read and also liked the part with the lady the best.  And baby Bee, well... she just liked the poop :)
     When The Big One started reading it, she was joined by not one, but two of her sisters who came to listen.  Just hearing all the different words for poop sent them running to see what she had.  It kept their attention and they loved looking at the pictures and discussing what was happening.  Illustrator Mike Moran did a wonderful job.
     Wanna hear some trivia on the subject?  Thought you did :)
      Courtesy of Artiebennett.com:
     Young, elephants, koalas, pandas, and hippos eat the feces of their mothers or other animals in the herd to obtain the bacteria required to properly digest vegetation found on the savanna and in the jungle. When they are born, their intestines do not contain these bacteria (they are completely sterile). Without them, they would be unable to obtain any nutritional value from plants.
   Traditional Chinese medicine uses poop from flying squirrels to treat a variety of ailments, from snakebites to menstrual cramps. It's believed to promote blood circulation, thus relieving pain, and is served as a beverage, like tea.
   British composer Jon Hering has premiered a new work entitled "Number Two." It was "written" by birds, which placed the notes by pooping on a piece of paper with musical scale lines that was positioned under their perch.

     I definitely recommend Poopendous for any parent.  It's entertaining as well as educational, we love it :)

What's your favorite kids' book?
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