02 April, 2013

Kair Bath Visor Review

     Streaker washed her own hair yesterday.  It's a milestone for her, she always has me wash it IF she lets anyone wash it at all.  Last year, we went months with her refusing to let anyone wash it.  I did manage to wash it during that time, but nowhere near as often as it should have been, and I had to threaten to get it done.  Loss of toys, among other things finally spurred her to begrudgingly tolerate it enough to get it done with.
     In fact, only one of the girls lets me wash their hair without a fight, and only if she has a washcloth to cover her eyes while I do it.  It is terrible the way they are so scared of it.  I don't remember ever being scared, probably because back then tear-free MEANT tear-free.  I remember actually rubbing the shampoo onto my eyeball when I was a kid to test the promise on the bottle.  Stupid move for sure, but it didn't hurt at all.  However, I remember a few years ago, I got some "tear-free" shampoo in my eyes, and it wasn't pleasant.  It's no wonder the girls don't want their hair washed.
     Thank goodness for the Kair Bath Visor!  It's a silicone visor with an air cushioned headband that is super soft and contours to any head shape.  It guarantees that there are no leaks down the face while you are washing your kids' hair.
     Streaker loved it from the moment she saw it.  She likes to wear it even out of the shower, but she asked immediately if she could take one to test it out.  So we started the shower and she got in.  She was all smiles when I checked on her a few minutes later and she was very eager to wash her hair (!!!!!)  I was stoked, anything to get her excited about washing her hair is a miracle.  So I gave her some shampoo and helped her collect all of her hair into the top and she began washing.
     At this point, it did slide down her face a few times, I think she had gotten some soap between her head and the visor when she adjusted it.  After we rinsed her off, we tried flipping the visor upside down, like a normal visor would be worn and it seemed to help with that issue because the water from the shower stopped pooling behind the shield.
     Next time we will make sure not to put her under the water until it is time to rinse if she is wearing the visor.  That way, the water will stay behind the shield part and not pool and get too heavy.  But it worked very well considering that it was so slippery from her readjusting it.  It did just as it promised and kept the water out of her face.  (Don't mind the water streaming down her face in that last pic, that was because she stepped under the shower head... silly girl).
     We are in love :)  She washes her own hair now, does a good job without fear of painful eyes, and will rinse without washcloths or crying.  It is amazing.  Look, she's smiling!  That is definitely a success in my book.
     I am very grateful to have the Kair Bath Visor and I do recommend it to any parent with fussy kids, especially those with an actual tub and no sprayer.  This is a lifesaver for sure.  And it comes in blue and green too!
     Do you use any tricks or special products to make your bath time go more smoothly?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


emilystrange said...

This is really cute! -emilystrange123 from swap-bot.com

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