15 April, 2013

Firmoo Review

     My daughter has astigmatism.  I was surprised to first hear that she may need glasses after a routine eye check at school.  She had passed her Kindergarten test with no real concerns.  But come 1st grade, all of a sudden there was definitely concerns.  We knew she would need glasses.  She was nervous about the idea of being seen in glasses, so to calm her worries, I decided that I would make myself an eye appointment and we could do this whole thing together.  Having never worn glasses, I knew I was in desperate need for an eye exam and I knew I probably would need my very first pair.  I was actually glad when I received a prescription (though a small one) because it meant that The Big One wouldn't be by herself in that venture.  But when I went to choose frames out for myself, I was told that my insurance would not cover glasses for me, but only for my children.
     I went a year without glasses waiting for the funds to cover a pair.  Then I did finally get a pair from online and it lasted a month or so before my children destroyed them.  They used to like to play with such things, and so I waited a bit longer and got another pair, but accidentally ordered them with a strong tint which I thought to be transitions that would clear up indoors.  No luck, I really only use them while driving.
     So I went another whole year without glasses.  I think my eyes are probably worse now.  But I am happy to say that I have new glasses again and they are the best I have owned.  I don't have to keep reshaping the ear pieces or adjusting the nose bits.  It's just a comfortable and stylish pair.  Though they are made of plastic, I have no worries about them breaking anytime soon.  They feel VERY strong.
     These glasses are from Firmoo.  I had heard about Firmoo in the past.  My sister owns a few pair and she had only good things to say about them.  After seeing them in person, I had to agree that they were awesome.  So I checked out their online eyeglasses store and saw how easy it was to navigate.  Right away I was able to choose to see only women's frames and from there I was able to choose to see only the style frame that I knew I would look good in, which is rectangle.  There were lots of great options for my favorite frame style.  So I decided to use the Virtual Try-On feature on the site.  It showed me what I would look like in the frame that I chose.
     What I love about the Firmoo online store is not only that it is super easy to find the look you are going for, but that you can tell if the glasses will fit you before even opening the individual frame's page.  You get a page full of choices and each choice comes with everything you need to decide if you even want to look at the pair up close.  You can see the measurements in the upper left and the price in the lower right.  You can also see whether they are eligible for single, bifocal or progressive lenses on the bottom along with their average overall rating among customers who have purchased them.  And if you happen to have other questions or needs, they have a great help section with the most frequently asked questions.
     I opted to get a pair of unisex full frame acetate glasses.  It came in the mail after a minimal wait (about a week and a half) and came with a drawstring case, a hard case, a repair kit and quite possibly the best lens cleaning cloth ever.  I love that the screwdriver from the repair kit is a key chain, that is a great little feature for someone like me.  The hard case is very sturdy and about the size of my billfold wallet.  I am glad to have the soft case as well and I think I will use it for my sunglasses to keep them safe in the van.
     These glasses will only set you back $39 plus S&H, which is crazy when you consider that I would have had to pay $80 for JUST the frames at my local eye wear store for the very cheapest they have.  That doesn't include the lenses themselves or shipping.  It also doesn't include a hard case or repair kit.  But Firmoo is amazing in that they have a program where you can get your first pair absolutely free.  Because they are giving away free eyeglasses, they do ask for S&H which is a good deal at just $6.95!  That is an insane deal!
     Have you ever used Firmoo?  Are you going to now?  You can't beat $6.95 for a new set of prescription eye wear :)

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Summer Ramirez said...

I'm happy with my purchase! Check out my review here: http://dblackbitch.blogspot.com/2013/12/firmoo-online-prescription-glasses.html

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