04 February, 2016

Moldable Plastic Pellets #Review #PollyPlastics

     My family and I are always doing crafts and art.  These past weeks we have been working on a pirate ship board game.  It's going to be an educational game that teaches and also entertains.  I must say, it's coming out pretty awesome.  It has crow's nests and rigging, a cannon, sails, and 2 upper decks... and of course a plank.
     It still has a lot of work left.  I still need to make the came cards and the gold coins.  To be honest, I still have to figure out how it will really be played out.  But i did have some trouble in creating one crucial element, the stairs to go from the lower deck to the upper.

     So I decided to use wooden dowels and wrap them in plastic, then create steps using the wrapping technique as well.  The plastic I used is called Polly Plastics.  It's a moldable plastic pellet kit.  It comes with 10 oz. of white pellets that melt clear and six baggies filled with color pellets that you can use to customize your plastic's color however you wish.
     On my first attempt, I ended up using 1 TBSP white, 10 gold pellets, and 4 black.  This is what it looked like after it sat in hot water for a minute and was played with.  The water has to be really hot.  I used my electric kettle to keep it at a nice temperature.
     It took a little getting used to, trying to find that balance between too soft and too hard and getting the plastic to mold together well.  But after some trial and error it went smoother and I was able to do mostly what I wanted.
     I think this has so much potential.  I'll be using it to create hairdos for my wooden peg people for use in future board games, as well as other cool artworks.  My kids especially loved seeing what you could do.  My favorite part is that you can use and reuse it.
     I would definitely recommend it for any crafty family.  To learn more, check out Polly Plastics on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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