11 February, 2016

Chalkboard Vinyl Contact Paper #Review #CreateWithKassa

     I am not good at organization.  It's one of my biggest downfalls.  I'm bad at record keeping and list making, calendar keeping, and deadlines.  I'm just not good.  So many times I realize that I st at home while something important was going on that I was supposed to be at, sometimes I realize something is due with only a couple hours to spare, and sometimes I go to cook dinner just to get half way done and fine that a key ingredient has run out and I'd forgotten to grab more.  Anyone else?  I can't be the only one...
     Well luckily on that last one, I have a helper.  It's my new Chalkboard Vinyl Contact Paper form Kassa.  It's easy to install, a breeze to remove, and can help keep track of what groceries we've run out of.  Now, it may not help me remember to pick that item up on my next store run, but I can remember to check the list before starting dinner to make sure my key ingredients aren't on the list of needed items.
       It comes in a pretty thick roll that's actually 6 whole feet across by a foot and a half tall.  That's enough for a good sized chalkboard inside each of my upper cupboards and one for my fridge to boot!  The cupboard boards can help me keep track of easy dinner ideas, like "1 can onion soup, 1 can cream of chicken, meat", or something like that.  By the way, that makes an excellent "stroganoff" sauce when that meat is hamburg.
     It can be used for pretty much anything though.  You can use it for a ton of labels or for the top of a TV tray, the wall of a playroom, etc.  Chalkboard is everywhere right now, you can get away with putting it practically anywhere!
     The paper came with 5 chalks.  I'll be honest and say that two of mine were broken.  I won't use them nearly as often as I will use chalk markers anyway, so that didn't matter much to me.  What I liked was how the inside of the paper has a grid that makes it really easy to cut straight and to the right size.
     To install, you just stick the center of the area to the surface first and then smooth outward toward the edges, getting rid of any bubbles along the way.  The curl of the paper made this part a little hard, but not too bad.  When done right, it comes out nice and smooth.
     I love this paper and I'm glad to have it.  to learn more, check out Kassa on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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