28 April, 2015

Rock the Cradle: A Lullaby Tribute to Billy Idol Review

 Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post for Jammy Jams.  I received a sample product to test in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are definitely my own.

     I was born in the 80's, late 80's actually.  As such, I'm not super familiar with the style and trends of that decade.  I mean, I know what they were, but there's not much about those years that I can really relate to.  I was more of a late 90's kid, Hanson and all that.  But if I could take just a couple things from the 80's and steal them for my own childhood, it would have been bangle bracelets, leg warmers, David Bowie, and Billy Idol.  Don't get me wrong, as far as nostalgia goes, I definitely love me some 90's pop, but seriously... Idol's pretty timeless.  How can you not love this:
     Yup!  I'll just let you gaze at that for a minute.  Take in all the awesomeness.
      Done?  Okay, so fast forward a few decades and most of us Idol fans probably have kids or maybe even grandchildren by now.  Most Idol fans are probably at the age where kids seem to be crawling out of every corner of your life.  Nieces, nephews, grands and even honorary ones that your friends and neighbors let you claim as nieces and nephews, they're everywhere.  I know 3 people just this month who had new babies and more are coming in the next few weeks.
     My Boog is just a little over 2 years old and Baby Bee turns 5 next week, so they're both pretty young still.  Sometimes they have a hard time settling down.  I usually put on a TV show to rot their brain a little and make them fall asleep, but it rarely works.  (Joking about the rot thing... I put on educational documentaries, this week's theme... Egypt!)  It mostly serves to keep me entertained until they do pass out.  And in some cases, like last night, it will keep me so entertained that I stay up watching it until 3 and wake up way later than I should, resulting in a mad dash to the bus for my poor school kids.
     So maybe it's time to try something new.  Insert lullabies, a classic kid-settling tactic.  Better than lullabies?  Billy Idol lullabies!  Yeah, baby!  Cause what could be better than falling asleep to a twinkly version of White Wedding?  Yes, that's my favorite Idol song, mostly because of the movie The Wedding Singer.  But luckily on Jammy Jam's Rock the Cradle there are 9 more tracks to boot.  And they are all adorably awesome renditions of the original songs.  I'm actually loving Dancing with Myself best, followed by White Wedding, Rebel Yell, and Be a Lover next best.  They're stinking awesome.
     Just so you can hear for yourself that I'm not being unjustly flattering towards the album, you can hear it below.  Listen to #7, you won't regret it.  It sounds like a multidimensional version of a wind up jewelry box song and you really can't help but feel entranced by it.  I can picture it being played by one of the Baby Einstein characters on an xylophone while little cartoon sheep jump little white picket fences.  Except you can sing along in your head to the rock version while the baby floats away to sleepy sheep land.  Or if you're like me, you'll sing a totally new and bouncy version just for baby.
     Here's a track list for you to drool over:

1. White Wedding
2. Rebel Yell
3. Can’t Break Me Down
4. To Be A Lover
5. Hot In The City
6. Flesh For Fantasy
7. Dancing With Myself
8. Cradle Of Love
9. Eyes Without A Face
10. Catch My Fall

      Ok, so this is where I let you know how to get your hands on one because why wouldn't you want to?  You can get a copy of the full album on Amazon or Jammy Jams, or you can get it track by track on Google Play, or iTunes.  Also, if you enjoy other types of music, there is plenty to suit your fancy on the Jammy Jams site.  Artists like Eminem, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Ozzy are all paid honor in various tracks, along with tons more.  As I type this, I'm bobbing my head to All About That Bass in lullaby form.

     I definitely will be enjoying the lullabies with Boog and Baby Bee for quite some time to come, especially Baby Bee who can sing along to her favorite songs as she drifts off.  I recommend checking them out, they'll be sure to have whatever music you're into.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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