03 May, 2011

Lets Talk Tutus

A while back, The Streaker won a tutu from Nellie Bugs Tutus & More for a valentine that she painted. I was so excited! Each of my kids have their own color, and The Streaker's is teal. So she chose to have a teal and black tutu, which works out perfectly, as I plan to eventually get one in all the girls' colors.

I've made tutus before, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. But I could not have been more wrong. I'm pretty crafty when I want to be, but these tutus blew mine right out of the water!!! I was completely amazed at the quality and beauty of it.

The waist band is a black shiny ribbon capable of changing size to fit a bigger or smaller child at any time. It's not an elastic waist, which means no weird gaps between tulle. And there is so much tulle there, you almost get lost in it's layers! Speaking of layers, check out this Pumpkin Tutu, it's adorable!

And one of the best parts? They are actually affordable. Even I could splurge on one. There is one tutu on the web site for as low as $8.99!!! And Nellie Bugs doesn't sell just tutus, they sell hair bows and hats, even wings. I highly doubt that you will be even slightly disappointed when you visit Nellie Bugs. So go ahead.


FeliciaE said...

I love Saddie's tutu's over at Nelli Bugs. And her bows are awesome, she is also currently doing crayons in some really great molds.

Your daughter is so cute in that tutu!

Shlamoof said...

Thank you Felicia :) The Punk was the only one who would pose for me that day.

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