13 April, 2012

Luca Lashes dental books review

     I am obsessed with my children.  It's true.  Almost every moment of my day while they are at school is spent browsing the web for fun things to do together or enjoy together.  Today was no different.  I heard about this great site for bloggers to check out e-books and I immediately went to the kids section to see what they had for the girlies.
     My eyes immediately were drawn to the Luca Lashes books.  The illustrations are simple, but colorful and stand right out.  And the subject matter is very relevant for young families like my own.
      Luca Lashes Learns to Brush His Teeth is a clever book about a boy who is nervous to try the tooth brush.  The tooth brush's bristles are sharp and prickly and he's having trouble confronting the task.  But Luca has a special trick to help him.  He has magic eyelashes and when he blinks his fear goes away and he is brave enough for anything.  He learns that brushing his teeth is not as bad as he had imagined it to be.

     I loved the book because it relates to the children and how they feel.  It says to a child "I'm on your side", and that's important when facing scary situations.  I also loved that it had a section in the back with facts for parents and resources.
     I decided to ask for both books so that I could read them together.  The streaker is turning four in a little over a week and she will be seeing the dentist for the first time soon after.  So I thought that these two books could benefit her.
Luca Lashes and His First Trip to the Dentist
      Luca Lashes and His First Trip to the Dentist takes Luca on a whole new journey.  I felt like this book was almost shorter than the previous one, though that could be just my imagination.  It is about Luca's very first time going to the dentist and sitting in the chair.  It explains what happens to Luca while he is in the seat and that he was perfectly fine when it was all done.
     I liked this book and I think it will help The Streaker with anxiety she may have.  I will say though, that I felt the dentist visit was incomplete.  It didn't show the dentist working inside the mouth at all and I feel like children should see that so that they can understand what is going to happen fully.  It only showed her standing by him while he sat.  But other than that, I thought the book was a nice addition to the first and I feel like it is a good set to own or borrow for those big moments in a child's life.
     Hear from the creators of Luca Lashes LLC to hear more about the series:


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