02 June, 2011

Toys for Keeps Wooden Pull Toy Review

Have I ever told you that I love wooden toys?  If not, I think it's high time that I did so.  Wooden toys and metal toys, they are very reminiscent of the 'Good ole days', aren't they?  Back when the games that sucked you in all day had more than one player and a neighborhood lemonade stand didn't seem like a dangerous idea.  I wish my kids could grow up like that.  But I am trying to get them more of the good quality non-battery operated toys because they are better for the planet, and usually better for them.

So I was psyched when Toys for Keeps agreed to let me review one of their Bumble Bee wooden pull toys.  If you don't know about Toys for Keeps, you should check them out on Etsy.  They have plenty of good quality wooden toys that kids can love for a long time.  In fact, they can be passed down.  I remember playing with a puzzle game much like the one below that my grandfather had for years.

Let's face it, it takes us MUCH longer to replace batteries in the toys than our kids probably like and in some cases, we sabotage the toys purposely to get rid of them.  "Aw, the batteries go dead?  I'll replace them when we get more batteries", sound familiar?  So why not get a toy that they can enjoy without batteries?  Less noise, less complaints, less fuss altogether.  And quality, let's talk about quality.

Look at this bee!  It's hand painted.  The string is nice string, not too long or short, too thick or too small.The string doesn't just end like with most pull toys, but has a cork-like wooden handle at the end for easier pulling.  And even the axles are wooden, encased in wooden blocks for protection.

Here are some of my other favorites over at Toys for Keeps:
Barnyard with Animals.
Monkey riding a tricycle.

So what is the story here?
Impressed?  Oh yes, definitely.
Pros:  Wooden and nostalgic.
          No batteries or irritating noise.
          Cute and durable.
Cons:  Not a thing.
Get again?  Absolutely I would.
Satisfied/Recommend?  Yep!


Jasmine said...

Beautiful traditional wooden toys for children, hours of fun. Lots to choose from for all different ages, boys and girls.

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