15 June, 2015

Fabness 10x15 #Canvas #Review

Streaker finding frogs at the lake, 2015.
     I am so glad that summer vacation is here.  No more waking up at 6am and running around like a headless chicken looking for clean pair of underwear or that missing notebook.  No more struggling to make sure the kids are in bed early enough for ample sleep before said early morning.  No more stressing about missing the bus or worrying about the kids coming home with yet another complaint about the way X, Y, or Z treated them at school or on the bus that day.  No more, just fun.  And this year, we are planning to definitely work on our 365 list from a couple years ago.
Enjoying our season pass to the lake, compliments Girl Scouts of America, 2015.
     For our family, it also means photo time.  Photo shoots are just the start.  The kids do tons of fun things in the summer that I can't wait to capture.  Things like hikes, sports, playground, parks, camps... we fill our summer vacation right up.  I think when my kids move out, they'll each have a whole bookshelf full of photo albums to go with them.  I have so many ideas for what I want to do with these photos.  My latest idea is to print out a canvas of each of the kids, then surround that canvas with smaller prints.  Kinda like this, times 5:
Image result for big canvas surrounded by small
Photo Via: MotherEarthNews.com
     My hallway would look amazing!
Punky during a Girl Scout Photo Shoot after a day of pampering.
     I think I'm definitely going to go with a  quality printer for those canvases.  I've tried out a few canvas printers and I think, although all of them were pretty nice canvases, that I'm gonna have to go with Fabness on this project.  Fabness seems slightly better quality than others that I've tried, and they have constant deals going on.  Just in the month or so since I've become an affiliate, I've seen at least 4 different deals for various days.  I believe there was one for Memorial Day, one for Father's Day, a couple others for various things.  These sales all run anywhere from 60-83% off!  Right now, there is a sale for Father's Day for 70% off  canvas prints with free shipping if you use the code DADSDAY2015.  Make sure you use that code if you want the free shipping!
Baby Bee at the shed for a photo shoot, 2015.
     After the winter finally ended this year, we were so excited to see grass that we decided to do a shoot.  While doing the shoot, we tried some places that we don't normally use and we realized that the old shed out back makes an EXCELLENT prop.  The spring shoot is the set that I am deciding to go with for my hallway canvas project.  I need to take a photo of Boog to match the rest of the set, but for now I will work with what I have.
     When I signed up for the Affiliate Program, I had the chance to receive a canvas for free to test out and tell people about.  I decided to go with a photo of my oldest daughter, The Big One.  It is one of my favorites of her ever taken.
     The very first thing that I noticed, besides how quickly it came in the mail, was the awesome framing and canvas quality.  It feels like the canvas itself is a thicker material than others.  The frame feels more sturdy and less likely to break or weaken.  There are 21 staples in all connecting the canvas to the frame.  The canvas has care instructions printed right onto it so you don't have to hold onto a paper for forever or worry about forgetting how to take care of it.
     The second thing I noticed was the level of detail.  As I held it and looked at it, I noticed a strand of hair across The Big One's face that I didn't notice before, even while editing the photo.  I also noticed one of those gross "sleepy seeds" in the corner of her eye that will forever bug me.  Point is, the detail in a Fabness canvas print is amazing.
     The next thing that I noticed was that the hanger was hanging from a baggie by a staple in the frame.  It went in super easy with slight taps from a hammer.  All you have to do is line up the little dot of the hanger with the middle marker line of the canvas to make sure everything is centered.  As you can see, I didn't realize that and just eyeballed it.  It's slightly off, but I just hang it from a different tooth.
       Overall, I think that the canvas is definitely worth the purchase.  The one I got was 10x15, usually $72.  With the 70% off Father's Day sale, it is knocked down to about $21.60.  I think any photo loving mom should check it out for sure.  I'm so glad that I did!
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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