30 December, 2013

I feel human again! #GarnierFructis Review

     My.  Poor.  Hair.  Let's just say that I have NOT been very kind to it lately.  I am officially in the Mommy Rut.  And to be bluntly honest, I feel very scrubbish lately.  I have been so tied up in dealing with my dental pain, the house being ready for the holidays, the gifts I still needed to get done and still getting the kids ready for school that I have completely lost track of taking care of myself.  And when I didn't have to worry about getting the kids ready for school, a whole new set of stresses came about.  Vacation *shudder*  My days have all been running together and I have gotten nothing of any importance done that I can feel good about.
     Thank you, Garnier Fructis for the kick in the pants that I needed.  For Christmas, we were surprised by a wonderful donation to our family of many toiletries and kids' gifts.  It was such a blessing and it helped so much.  Inside one of the boxes was Garnier Fructis Daily Care Shampoo and a matching conditioner.  I'm pretty sure I may have kissed the bottle when I picked it up.  I was so grateful to have one of THOSE shampoos.  You know... the ones you see and want but never get because the extra $3 you use on just the shampoo could be toilet paper, wipes, and a pack of toothbrushes.  The extra $3 on the conditioner is some disposable razors, dish soap, and a much needed sewing kit from the Dollar Tree.  I can't be the only one.
     I knew I loved Garnier Fructis and I remember feeling like it had magically transformed my hair to silk last time I used it.  But then, last time my hair was in pretty great condition to start with.  This time, I almost just wanted to shave my head and start over.  I had used nothing but Suave, which I admittedly normally love.  I had my hair in a pretty constant ponytail for weeks while I survived the holiday bustle the best I could, sometimes passing out at the end of a long day and forgetting to shower altogether.  Suave just wasn't cutting it.  Even thinking about trying to fix my hair made me want to crawl back into bed.
     But I had Garnier Fructis now.  If anything was going to fix it, it was this.  So I brushed my hair, then made my way into the shower with a little bit of hope that I might have human-like hair when I came back out.  And after shampooing, I let the conditioner sit for a bit while I tended to other things.  Then when I rinsed, I saw the light.  The light at the end of the Mommy Rut tunnel.  My hair felt SOOOO nice.  And after air drying, which took almost no time, my hair was alive again.  It felt like I had never thrown it to the wolves at all!
     I am in love with Garnier Fructis and all of the shampoos and conditioners that I have tried.  I absolutely fully recommend them to anyone with normal hair types.

Have you tried Garnier Fructis?  Which is your favorite?

This product is one that I bought or acquired on my own or through friends or family members. All opinions are 100% my own.


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