14 May, 2012


      Let me start by saying that I had NO IDEA my hair was so dry.  I was always told that my hair was in good condition and I believed it because it felt great.  It was soft and silky.  The only indication that my hair wasn't in GREAT shape was that it felt like a plastic wig between shampooing and conditioning but only then.  Besides that it felt wonderful.
     I didn't have any amazing hopes for a great outcome when BzzAgent sent me my Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner.  I just figured it would be another shampoo promising awesome results while being just completely ordinary.  I figured I would have it used up within the week and would move on to the next in my line of "I should try this" beauty products.
     I am extremely happy to report that it is not the case.  I figured when I first tried it that I would start small and see how far it went.  Turned out that I only needed to use 1/2 as much shampoo as the other brands.  I actually used about 1/4 as much as my usual shampoo.  Not only did I use much less, but I got twice the lather even with less!  Right away I was impressed.
     After I rinsed however, I was slightly worried.  My hair felt like I hadn't washed it.  It felt almost heavy and I was worried that it wasn't going to clean well.  But when I tried the conditioner, it made my hair feel lighter and cleaner.  you would have thought I used them backwards!
     When my hair dried I was in love.  My hair felt great!  It almost felt like I had never dyed it.  Now after a few weeks of using it, my hair is still feeling great.  They say that after a week, you can erase 10 years of damage to your hair.  Do I believe that?  I will say that my hair honestly did not feel this great when I was 15.  That's probably because I bleached the snot out of it back then, but regardless, my hair feels unprocessed and beautiful, so I believe it.
     Here's some news about Triple Nutrition that I thought I would share:
  • Work best on dry or damaged hair
  • Nourish hair to the core so it shines from within
  • Formulated with Fortified Fruit Science – three weightless nutritive fruit oils (olive, avocado and shea)
  • Packed with ultra-rich and nourishing conditioners that rinse clean — we dare you to find something that treats your dry damaged hair better
  • Part of a larger Triple Nutrition line that includes Nutrient Spray and 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment
  • Flip-top cap has front button for easy opening
  • Label on back mentions how Garnier Fructis is going green with their NEW Eco-Fructis bottles

I received this product from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion.


Angie Watson said...

I love Garnier Fructis, great shampoo and conditioner...

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