07 April, 2011

The Spacestore is out of this world: A Review

The Big One has been a rock collector for a couple years now.  Pretty impressive considering that she is only 6.  She has collected everything from painted rocks to driveway rocks, polished rocks, and even half marbles.  Yeah, I know they aren't real rocks, but she likes them.

What rock makes every rock collection complete?  A rock from outer space!  That's right, a real shooting "star".  And at The Space Store, you can choose between a couple different space rocks.  The one above is a meteor endcut.  It has a rough side and a cut side, so you choose how to display it.  The leather box has a glass window and pins in the side that keep it from opening, which I love because it keeps the kids from getting into it.

The Big One loved it.  She couldn't believe she had a real shooting "star" in her collection.  She decided to display the smooth side that the glass didn't get scuffed, smart girl.

The Space Store has everything space.  Check this baby out:
Tell me that Halloween didn't just pop into your head just now.  I mean that costume would leave every other costume in the dust!

And for the die hard space enthusiast, nothing could beat an autographed photo of their favorite astronaut.  Buzz Aldren, anyone?
And that's not all.  The store just has a ton of space stuff, like everything you could want to decorate a room.  And they have great gift ideas, from glow in the dark stars, to posters, to globes, like these:
They hang in the air!  how awesome is that?  Any kid would love one of these.

I definitely recommend you check out The Space Store if you know anyone who is into space.  This site is great!  Or even if you have a rock collector :)

Do you collect anything?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.


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